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Irish: Civil Registration
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One of the most important source records that most genealogists use, but often concentrate too heavily on, are the vital records created upon introduction of civil registration in search countries. In Ireland this happened at two different times depending upon the type of record and the ecclesiastical division. The course will discuss civil registered record types of birth, marriage and death in post-1863 Ireland and Protestant marriage records which begin from 1845.

In addition, the course will discuss the contents of these records, their availability, how the information documented has changed over time, the limitations and advantages of civil vital records, and effective research strategies for using this record type.

Course Content

Module 1

Note about Web Addresses
Introduction to Irish Civil Registration
Civil Registration vs. Vital Records
Definition of Civil Registration
Implementation of Civil Registration
Effectiveness of Civil Registration

Module 2
Usefulness Of Civil Registration
How can we use civil registration to our advantage with genealogical research?
• As n Original Source
• As Evidence of an Event
Judging the Accuracy of Facts
• The Pros of Civil Registration
• The Cons of Civil Registration

Module 3
Irish Background
Background of Irish Civil Registration
Visiting the Archives

Module 4
Birth, Marriage & Death Records
• Birth Records
• Marriage & Divorce Records
• Death Records

Module 5
Late Recistrations & Other Civil Records
Late Civil Registrations
Army Registers of Civil Events
Marine Registers of Civil Events
Foreign Registers of Civil Events
The Schulze Register
Birth, Marriage & Death Indexes
Registration Districts & Pitfalls

Module 6
Applied Research Techniques
Introduction to Research Techniques
• Before 1864
• After 1863
• Before 1845 and Catholic Marriages between 1845 & 1864
• After 1845 and Catholic Marriages after 1864
• Before 1864
• After 1863
Other Sources for Irish Civil Registration
• List of Heritage Centres

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