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Irish: Census and Census Substitute Records
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In no other way have the records of Ireland been more devastated than through the huge loss of historical census records for this country. Many still exist to this day; however, they are neither comprehensive nor fully extant. This course touches on the importance of the census record and its availability or lack of availability depending upon period and locality in Ireland, as well as a discussion on the various forms of census and census substitutes (1630-present) that exist for the combined territories of what is now referred to as Northern Ireland and the separate Republic of Eire. In addition, we will discuss the importance of the various government land and people surveys in Ireland that act as census substitutes in the absence of other information.

Course Content

Module 1
Introduction to Census Records
Searching Census Records
Government Population Census Schedules
Census Indexes

Module 2
Nineteenth Century Census
1821 Census
1831 Census
1841 Census
1851 Census
1861 Census
1871 Census
1881 Census
1891 Census
Twentieth Century Census
1901 Census
1911 Census

Module 3
Census Subsitiute Records
Introduction to Census Substitute Records
Old Age Pension Claims
Taxation Books
Tithe Applotment Books
Griffith's Primary Valuation of Tenements
Poor Law Rate Books

Module 4
Census Subsitiute Records...Continued
Other Valuation Records
Seventeenth Century Records
Eighteenth Century Records
Nineteenth Century Records
Eighteenth & Nineteenth Century Records
Estate Rentals
Encumbered Estates
Freeman Lists
Voters' Lists and Poll Books
Twentieth Century Records

Module 5
Census Substitute Records...Continued
Religious Censuses
Eighteenth Century Records
Nineteenth Century Records

Module 6
Census Substitute Records...Continued
City Street Directories
Provincial Directories
Countrywide Directories
Professional Directories

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