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Irish: Understanding Ireland, History and Source Records
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In no country, more than Ireland, is it imperative that one understands some of the local history, past machination of records, and knowledge of what source records have been created versus what is available. This course will discuss the importance of preliminary research in one’s home country and then provide a brief history of Ireland which is useful, if not imperative, in understanding the nature and value of record sources within Ireland. From here, the discussion will be what genealogical records can tell us, with brief overviews of the administrative (civil and ecclesiastical) divisions within the island, and a discussion on Irish place names and family names. The course will conclude with a brief discussion on the types of records available for research in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland (Eire), the importance of understanding maps for the region, and migration patterns.

Course Content

Module 1
• Note about Web Addresses
• Websites
Introduction to Understanding Ireland
• Research Needs before Ireland
• Additional Resources

Module 2
Basic Principles & Repositories For Genealogical Research
• Websites
• Genealogical Research Criteria
• Basic Research Principles
• What Source Records Can Tell You & What You Need To Know

Module 3
Irish Place & Family Names
• Websites
• Place & Locality Names
• Family & Personal Names

Module 4
Historical & Administrative Divisions In Ireland
Civil Divisions
• Townland
• Civil Parish
• Barony
• County
• Province
• Cities, Towns and Boroughs
• Poor Law Union
• General Registrar's District
Ecclesiastical Division
• Church Parish
• Diocese
Additional Resources

Module 5
Brief Historical Account of Ireland
• Websites
• Introduction to Irish History
• Additional Resources

Module 6
Source Records
• Websites
• Source Types
Census & Census Substitutes
• Official Government Censuses
• Civil Survey
• Books of Survey & Distribution
• Hearth Money Rolls
• Subsidy Rolls
• Muster Rolls
• Census of Ireland (1659)
• Catholic Qualification Rolls
• Freehold Lists
• Ecclesiastical Enumerations
• Tithe Applotment Survey
• Griffith's Valuation Survey
• Local Censuses
• Freeman Lists
• Poor Law Rate Books
• Landed Estate Rental Lists
• Voters' Lists
Parish Church Records
• Church of Ireland (Protestant or Episcopalian)
• Roman Catholic
• Presbyterian
• Methodist
Commercial, Social, & Professional Directories
Family History Genealogies & Journals
Monumental (Gravestone) Inscriptions
Newspaper Collections
• Wills, Last Testaments, & Administrations
• Wills
• Administrations
Miscellaneous Sources
Maps & Important Addresses
• Map of Ireland before April 1, 1974
• Map of Northern Ireland after April 1, 1974
Family History Societies
• Northern Ireland
• Republic of Ireland
Civil Registration Districts
• Northern Ireland
• Republic of Ireland County Registrars
• Website

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