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English: Parish Registers
Register (Fees/Dates)
Other Info
The course provides a significant overview of what is involved when researching English Parish Records. Given that every person in England was assigned to a particular parish regardless of their religious denomination, it is crucial to develop a greater understanding of how the record keeping system was established, and developed. This will greatly enhance your ability in tracking down desired documentation. The course material will cover the main categories of birth, christening, marriage, death and burial; but will also go far beyond to include a variety of other record sources as well. A great deal of emphasis will be placed on examples in order to introduce you to the text and flavour of the contemporary language used in record keeping. Lastly, an ability to find information must be consistent with an ability to organise and make use of that information. To this end, numerous techniques, tips, and ideas will be shared which you can adopt and adapt as you develop your own organisation style.

Course Content

Module 1
Abbreviations, Latin and other terms found in Parish Registers
Historical Context
History Affecting Parish Registers
• Old Style & New Style
• Julian & Gregorian Calendars, and the Lost 11 days
• Genealogical Surprises
• Victorian Population Explosion
History in Action
• Royal Events
Church of England Parish Registers
Ecclesiastical Jurisdictions
• Provinces, Dioceses, Archdeaconries & Deaneries
• Parishes, Peculiars, Liberties & Extra-Parochial Places
Structure of Records
• Spelling
• Influence of Local Accent
• Phonetic Spellings
• Handwriting
• Latin & Greek
• Terminology & Abbreviations
• General Registers
• Dade Registers
• Christenings
• Burials
Printed Registers
• Early Printed Registers
• Printed Marriage Registers from 1754
• Printed Baptism & Burial Registers from 1813
• Non-parochial Anglican Records
• Bishops Transcripts
• Modern Transcripts
• Events Abroad

Module 2
The Records
Meanings of Terms
• Churching & Chrisoms
• Godparents
• Age at Baptism
• Adult Baptisms
• First Born Children
• Same Name Children
• Sex-less Names
• Nicknames
• Record Family Sizes
• Foundlings
• Illegitimacy
• Duplicate Christenings
• Interesting Christenings
• Multiple Christenings
• Christenings Abroad

Module 3
Confirmation Records
Marriage Records
Marriage Banns
• Recording of Banns
• Combined Banns/Marriage Books Usage
• Banns Without Marriage
• The Banns Certificate
• Banns & Marriage Records Different
Marriage Licences
• Reasons for Needing a Licence
• Types of Licences
• Marriage Allegations
Marriage Bonds
Marriage Licences
• Finding Marriage Licence Records
Espousal Books
Marriage Registers
• Prohibited Degrees for Marriage
• Information on Post 1754 Marriage Record
• Marriage Announcements
• Marriage in the Bride's Parish
• Remarriage
• Chapelries of Mother Parish
Marriage Transcripts
Interesting Marriages
Marriages Abroad
• Clandestine Marriages
• Overseas Events
Annulment & Divorce
• Annulment
• Ecclesiastical Divorce
Practical Solutions for Average People
• Civil Divorce

Module 4
Burial Records
Where Buried
• In a Church
• In a Churchyard
• In a Burial Ground
• In a Cemetery
• At a Crematorium
• Can't Find a Burial
• When Did He or She Die?
Certificate of Registry of Death
Burials Abroad
Information in Church Records
Unknown Persons
Amusing Names
• Death Date & Place
• Burial Date & Place
• Sextonís Grave Books
• Burial Plot Numbers
• Burial Plot Deeds & Records
• Ages
• Children
• Residence
• Non-parishioners
• Relationships
• Occupation
• Status
• Character Testimonials
• Cause of Death
• Inquests & Coroners
• Violent Deaths
• Anglican Rites
• Burial in Woollen
• Entries with No Affidavit
• Burials with No Shroud
• Burial Taxes
• Funeral Accounts
• Resurrection Men
• Some Odd Burials
• Duplicate Burials
Monumental Inscriptions

Module 5
Other Items in Registers
Charitable Donations
Churchwardens Presentments
Comments on the Parishioners
Correspondence with the Vicar
Customary Fees
Glebe Terriers
Historical Announcements
Lists of Churchwardens
List of Excommunicated & Absolved
Lists of Incumbents
Lists of Parishioners
Local Agriculture & Economy Notes
• Medical Notes
• Militia Lists
• Perambulations of the Parish Bounds
• Purchase & Condition of the Registers
• Receipts
• Relevant Acts of Parliament
• Renovations of Church Buildings
• Repair of Local Roads
• Severe Weather
• Signatures of Churchwardens
• Tithes
• Visitation Notes
• General
• Efficient Use of Others' Films

Module 6
• Starting Your Search
Ancestral File
Boyd's Indexes
• Boyd's Marriage Index
• Boyd's London Burials Index
• The Pallot Index and Baptism Indexes
County CMB Indexes
• Christenings
• Marriages
• Burials
• Online Parish Clerks
GRO Indexes of CMB
Marriage Licence Allegation Indexes
National Burial Index
Monumental Inscription Indexes
Other Indexes
Using Online Data Services
Find My Past
Scotlands People
• Finding the Records
• Transcripts
• Banns Books & Marriage Licences
• Finding the Right Parish
• Lists of Ancestral Names & Places
• Ordering the Right Microform
• Ordering Procedure
• Parish Not Yet Microfilmed
Searching the Records
• Efficient Reading of Church Records
• Example of Reading a Parish Register
• Difficult to Interpret
• Parish Registers on the Welsh Border
Effective Recording Techniques
• Making a Good Transcript
• Use of Transcription Forms
Documenting Correctly
• Description of Source
• Recording Relevant Items
• Photocopying Ancestral Items
• What Can You Photocopy?
• Photography
• IGI & Sources Form
Reliability of Information
Errors in Parish Registers
Omissions from Parish Registers
Forgery in Parish Registers
Errors in Reading
Events in Chapelries & Other Parishes

Module 7
Reference & Further Reading
Handy Transcription Sheets

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