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Research: Quebec Non-Francophone Ancestors
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In order to successfully do research in Québec, it is important to understand how the land divisions and institutions evolved and developed. This course explores where to turn, how the institutions have been set up and the importance of the religious context when researching your English ancestors in Québec.

The province developed uniquely to the rest of the country. Records are not necessarily stored where you may have searched in another province in Canada. The course will explain the significance of the Notary, P.R.D.H., Moving Day, the ANQ and much more. Some tips are even given for those who are new to working with the French language.

The English have mainly been concentrated in the areas of the Eastern Townships, the Gaspé, the Ottawa River Valley, the North-West and of course, the main centres of Montréal and Québec. All of these regions are explored in some depth and tips particular to the region are given.

The course material includes extensive references and a bibliography which will be useful for the course as well as provide the basis for your own reference library.

Course Content

Module 1

•Québec is Divided in Many Ways
• British & French Settlements in North America
•Some Thoughts on Language
•The Religious Divide
•Where Are They?
•"English" Communities In Québec Divide Into Four Groups
•They Moved Around - You Need Maps
Useful Reference Works
Books & Bibliography

Module 2
A New Map of the Province of Lower Canada
Non-French Settlement
Migration Routes
•The Seigneuries
•The Eastern Townships
•Eastern Townships of Lower Canada
•Routes Across the Border
•Roads Across the Townships
•What a Difference a Railroad Made
•Years of Settlement
•From "the Beginning"
•New England Captives
•After the Plains of Abraham
•Changes in Land Tenure = Limited Settlement
•The Beginnings of English Settlement
•Demographic Changes

Module 3
Unique Research Methods In Quebec
•The ANQ - Les Archives nationales du Québec
•Vital Records
•1992 - 93 "All Change"
•The Dark Ages - After 1993
•Civil Registers: 1926 - 1985+
•Religious Records
•Roman Catholic
•The Others
•Vital Records - Religious to 1926
•Some Defining Dates
•1621 - 1899
•P.R.D.H. 1621 - 1799
•Marriage Bonds
•Divorce Records
•Regional Indexes
•Religious Records - Published Sources
•St. Francis District
•Megantic County
•District of Bedford & Other Regions
•Roman Catholic Marriages
•Fichier Loiselle
•Institut Généalogique Drouin
•Fabien Collection
•Notarial Records
•Some of the Common Notarial Documents
•Marriage Contracts
•Donations entre vifs or Deed of Donation
•Other Contracts
•Other Québec Records
•Land Records
• Counties of the Eastern Townships of Lower Canada - 1795
•Townships, Counties & Judicial Districts
•Early Counties
• Counties of the Eastern Townships of Lower Canada - 1833
•The Ever-Changing Counties
•Judicial Districts
•Legal Records
•Probate Records
•Other Legal Records
•Education Records
•As Usual - Roman Catholic & "Other"
•The New Language Divide
•Protestant Education Changes
•Nineteenth Century
•Québec Protestant Education Research Project
•Private Schools
•English Catholic Education
•Catholic Universities & Convent-Schools

Module 4
Carte de La Gaspésie … au "Bas Canada"
Special Regions of English Settlement
•Gaspé & the Gulf
•The Lower North Shore
•Other "Others"
•Travel by Boat
• Settlements Around Gaspé & the Gulf
•The Railroads
•The ANQ & Church Records
•United Church Records
• Townships Surveyed Along the Ottawa River
•The Ottawa River & North-West Québec
•The Outaouais
•Philemon Wright
•Early Church Records
•The ANQ
•Northern Québec
•ANQ & Other Resources
• Detail from Québec City, 1815
•Urban Centres
•Along the St. Lawrence
•Québec City
• Plan of the Town & Fortifications of Montréal
• City of Montréal 1830
•Montréal—City Unique
•Montréal & Mount Royal, Geography of a City
•Montréal Metropolis 1880-1930
•Westmount, Notre Dame de Grâce, Town of Mount Royal & Hampstead
•Early Montréal Churches & Synagogues & Date of First Records
•Some Montréal Dates

Module 5
Special Groups of Non Francophones
•British Garrisons
•Military "C" Index
•Essential Books
•British Admiralty Records
•Colonial Militia
•Universal Compulsory Service
•The Reserves
•The American Revolution 1775-1783
•1783 to 1800
•The Refugees & Sorel (William Henry)
•Loyalists & Land
Other Anglophones
•Non-English Anglophones
•The First Jews in Québec
•Montréal—Home of the Notre Dame de Grâce Kosher Meatmarket
•Black Montréal
•Chinese Montréal
•First Nations

Module 6
The Library and Archives of Canada[LAC]
•Land Papers & Petitions
•Petitions by Associates
•Bureaucratic Processes
•Lower Canada Land Papers
•Published Sources
•Census & Directories
•The National Archives Hold the Census
•Census Indexes
•Voters Lists
•National Registration
•Monumental Inscriptions & Burial Records
•Cemetery Transcripts
•Cemetery Records
•Death Date... Newspaper... Obituary...
•English Language Newspapers
•Early Québec Newspapers
•Rural Newspapers Indexed by Marlene Simmons
•Other Newspapers in Rural Québec
Address List & Bibliography
•Useful Addresses for Québec Genealogy
•Archives in Québec
•Provincial Archives
•Regional Branches
•Branch Addresses
•Other Québec Archives
•Local Museums & Historical Societies
•General Reference Works
•Bibliographies, Catalogues etc.
•Biographies & Directories
•Eastern Townships
•Immigrants & Emigrants
•Genealogy - Methodology
•Maps, Atlases & Gazetteers
•Eastern Townships
•Military & Militia
•Social History & Geography

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