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Research: French-Canadian Ancestors
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Tracing your French-Canadian ancestors to the early 1600s can be achieved in less than a day! If you know where to look…

Thanks to the meticulous care taken by the clergy of the Catholic church and the numerous volunteers who have transcribed the information found in church records, there are unique tools available to assist in your research needs.

Even though the resource tools have made this research much easier than many research tasks, you must still prove that the ancestors you are finding are really your ancestors.

This course will start with a discussion regarding migration patterns. Then it will cover in detail all available sources of information including birth, marriage and death records, dictionaries, fichiers, census records, notarial records, land grants and others. Acadian research will also be discussed during this course. How to prepare for a genealogical trip to Montréal is also included, as well as a case study.

Course Content

Module 1
Immigration Patterns
Acadian Research
Non-Catholic Research
• Anglican
• Baptist
• Lutheran
• Presbyterian
• United Church of Canada
• Jewish
Family History Centers
Basic Sources
Summary of Research Tools
• Research tools the period from 1608 to 1765
• Research tools for the period from 1765 to the present

Module 2
Registration of Births, Marriages & Deaths
• Marriage Registers
• Tanguay
• Drouin
• Jetté
• Acadian Research
• Répertoire du Québec ancient
Consolidated Index

Module 3
Other Records
• Census Records
• Notorial Records
• Land Grants
• Family & Regional Books
• Newspapers
• Names
• Family Associations

Module 4
Order of Action
Computers and the Internet
• Interesting & Useful Links
• French-Canadian Surnames
• Québec Genealogical Societies
• Genealogical Societies Outside Québec
• Comprehensive Sites
• Statistics & Census
• Newsgroup
• Mailing Lists
• Search Engines
• Acadian Research
Some French Words
• General Words
• Days of the
• Months of the year
• People & Family Members
In Summary

Module 5
• Older Relatives
• Ancestral Places
Planning a Genealogy Trip to Montréal
• A genealogy trip? Why not?
• Why go to Montréal to do genealogy research?
• Montréal offers many great places to research genealogy
• Research tools available in specialized libraries in Québec
• Basic Tools
• Genealogical Dictionaries
• Fichier/Index-cards Files
• Databases
• Published Monographs
• La Grande Bibliothèque du Québec
• Why prepare at home?
• Some Historical Sites to Visit
• The Return Home

Module 6
Case Study
• Case Study Outline
Archive Centres
• Archives Nationales du Québec/National Archive Centres in Québec
• Provincial Archives
Genealogical & Historical Societies
• Canada
• United States of America

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