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Methodology - Part 2: Organizing and Skill-Building
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Methodology-Part 2: Organizing and Skill-Building has two underlying themes. One is to help you organize your paperwork and all the other documents or family material you will be collecting. The pedigree chart and the family group record are your "best friends" but there are many other suggested forms to keep track of your research, your correspondence, and all the material you collect as you become known as the family historian.

The second theme continues from Methodology-Part 1: Getting Started with learning basic research skills. You need a solid foundation to apply to your personal research—research planning, evaluating sources and analyzing the information they contain. We will review the subjects of sources and information, and add more about the third factor, evidence. In Methodology-Part 1 you learned something about transcribing historic documents related to your research work. This will also continue with the skill of abstracting information from sources.

Course Content

Module 1
Getting Started...Some Basic Points
• Consistency
• Abbreviations
• Storage of Your Materials
• Recap
Developing Research Skills
• Research Skills: Transcribing Documents
• Transcribing Standards
• Punctuation/Diacritical Marks
• Obsolete Letters
• Dates
• Square Brackets and Illegible Words
• Comments and Interpretation
Recommended Reading 

Module 2
Reference Numbers
• Ancestral Reference Numbering System
• Descendants Reference Numbering System
Forms To Organize Your Information
• Pedigree Chart
• Family Group Record
Developing Research Skills
• Research Skills: Abstracting Documents
• Abstracting Standards
• Identifying the Document
• Staying Faithful to Original Order
• Quotes and Extracts if Useful
• Spelling, Dates
• Illegibility
• Clarification

Module 3
Organizing Your Information Using Forms
• Forms - Part 1
• Research Forms
• Research Log
• Daily Journal
• Address & Telephone Directory
• Location
• Research Checklist
Developing Research Skills
• Research Skills: Sources, Information & Evidence
• Sources
• Information
• Evidence
• Proof

Module 4
Organizing Your Information Using Forms
• Forms - Part 2
• Information Request
• Resource Centres & Websites
• My Ancestors and My Ancestors’ Descendants
• Difficult Searches
Developing Research Skills
• Research Skills: Genealogical Proof Standard
• “Evidence” and “Proof”
• Genealogical Proof Standard
• Sample Genealogical Proof Standard (GPS) Proof Argument
• Research Planning
Recommended Reading 

Module 5
Additional Forms
• Expense Journal
• Precious Documents Inventory
• Special Family Memento
• How Has Your Family Changed? [Family Information Request]
• Personal Diary
Organizing Precious Documents & Photographs
Major Disasters
Summary of Getting Organized

Module 6
Developing Research Skills
• Research Skills: Citing Your Sources
• Core Elements for Original Sources
• Core Elements for Derivative Sources
• Core Elements for Online Sources
• Structure
• Example Citations
Summary of Research Skills
Recommended Reading
Handy Forms

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