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Canadian: Wills and Estate Records-Part 1
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It’s exciting finding an ancestor’s Last Will and Testament and a great deal of valuable genealogical information is available in these documents. These records are often overlooked.

Whether the deceased was testate or intestate, this course will show where to search for wills and estates keeping in mind the historical era and the geographical location in Canada. We will also show you what kind of genealogical information you will find.

We will examine how these documents will reveal not only the distribution of the property and possessions of your ancestors but also what other relevant historical information is sometimes available.

Wills & Estates records can lead to new clues in your research.

Course Content

Module 1

Oldest Written Will
Background to the Canadian Legal System

Module 2
How To Find A Will
Surrogate Court and Provincial Archives
• Newfoundland
• Prince Edward Island
• Nova Scotia
• New Brunswick
• Ontario
• Manitoba
• Alberta
• Saskatchewan
• British Columbia
• Northwest Territories
• Yukon Territory
• Québec
Surrogate Court Reports
Québec Wills — Unique Research Methods
• Index des Greffes des Notaires Décédés (1645-1948)
• Sample from the Banque Le Parchemin:

Module 3
Law Of Succession—Intestate Estates
• Public Trustee
• Procedure
• Degrees of Consanguinity
• Women & Wills
• Native Canadians & Wills
• Will of Letitia Farrell, married woman, 1833
• File Identification
• Permission from Husband for his Wife's Will
• Will of Letitia Farrell
• Affidavit of James A. Farrell
• Affidavit of Catherine and Letitia Farrell
• Cost of Probate
• Granting of Petition—Page 1
• Granting of Petition—Page 2
• Granting of Petition—Page 3

Module 4
Using A Will As A Genealogical Tool
• Letters of Administration; James Mitchell 1853
• File Identification
• Court Identification & Registration of Document
• Inventory—Personal Effects
• Inventory—List of Debts and Credits
• Cost of Letters of Administration
• Petition for Administration—Page 1
• Order for Inventory—Page 1
• Order for Inventory—Page 2
• Petition for Administration
• Surety Bond
• Administration Bond
• Affidavit of Bondsmen
• Affidavit of Estate Value

Module 5
Using A Will As A Genealogical Tool...Continued
• Will of Levi Annis, Yeoman 1895
• Folio Identification
• Grant of Probate
• List of Documents Contained in the Estate File
• Application of the Executor
• Petition of the Executor
• Certificate of Surrogate Court Clerk
• Affidavit of Death & Place of Abode of Testator
• Affidavit of Value of Property
• Schedule of Real & Chattel Property
• Affidavit of Execution of Will
• Affidavit of Finding of Will
• Affidavit of Execution of Renunciation

Module 6
Using A Will As A Genealogical Tool...Continued
• Will of Charles Millar—Page 1
• Will of Charles Millar—Page 2
• Pte. Wilfred Laurence Bancroft, KIA 9 April 1917, Vimy Ridge
• Will of Pte. Wilfred Laurence Bancroft
Register Indexes
Other Sources for Wills
• Victoria County Index, sample page 1
• Victoria County Index, sample page 2
• Carleton County Index, sample page 1
• Carleton County Index, sample page 2

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