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Genealogical Consultants' Worldwide Network
Over the years, many genealogists have voiced the need to establish a connection with someone who could simply answer a question or two or help them overcome a roadblock. In some cases they simply need a little help, while in others, they have done as much as they can and are looking for someone with more experience to continue with their work.

The National Institute for Genealogical Studies is building a Consultants' Network of Professional and/or Experienced Genealogists who are willing and able to provide advice to individuals regarding their genealogical questions and problems.

Genealogical Consultants Wanted!!
Now you can use your genealogy experience to help others and yourself. Do what you love to do, do what you are good at! Share your experience and advice and be compensated accordingly.

We are looking for qualified individuals that are interested in interacting with other genealogists as their personal Consultant.

The National Institute for Genealogical Studies and the University of Toronto, Faculty of Information Studies, Professional Learning Centre, offers jointly the Certificate in Genealogical Studies program described in this WebSite.

This is the world's oldest comprehensive online Web-Based Certificate Program in Genealogical Studies --- Thousands of registrations from around the world have been received since 1999! Specialization's are available for the records of Canada, Denmark, England, Germany, Ireland, Scotland and the United States. A unique Librarianship Certificate is also available for those helping patrons.

Our network of students and clients has indicated that there is a need for 'person-to-person' discussions as people continue to work on their family history. Often they just need to ask a simple question, other times they have more specific problems that require expert help.

How Does It Work?
We are expanding our network of experienced genealogists to provide an individual consultant service worldwide. An automated system is already in place that allows people to choose a consultant and book a fifteen minute discussion with them by simply clicking a button and following a few steps. The Consultant is then simultaneously notified of the appointment. (You will be able to try this system yourself when you book your appointment to discuss your questions.)

The Consultant, perhaps it will be you, then discusses the problem with the client and provides their best advice. They review any data or information they may feel helpful and will try to give the client some direction regarding their particular situation.

As a Consultant, you will be financially compensated for your time and expertise. This will also give you an opportunity to establish a contact should the need arise for possible work with this individual in the future.

What Do You Have To Do To Qualify To Enter This Program?
Of course we expect you to have the acquired experience and knowledge in your own field to be of assistance to the client. Naturally, we also expect you to be pleasant and helpful and to conduct yourself in a professional manner.

The Consultant will be required to submit a bio that includes experience, relevant education and special interests.

Your bio should be sent electronically to

A photo should also be provided. When you become a Consultant, both your photo and your bio will be added to your Consultant's page on our site.

Rank Your Experience
As we cannot know each Consultant on a personal or professional basis you will determine the rank of experience that you feel is appropriate for you. There are four different levels to choose from: Junior Genealogist, Family Genealogist, Professional Genealogist and Professional Genealogical Mentor.

If, after a reasonable length of time, we, or you, determine that your rank is not appropriate for your experience and skill level, an adjustment will be made accordingly.

Rating System
How can we know 'how good' you really are? We have set up a rating system that will provide a means by which the success of the appointment can be determined. After a client has completed an appointment with a Consultant, the client is encouraged to send their honest feedback to us regarding the quality of the appointment. Things such as professionalism, knowledge, promptness, and helpfulness should be considered.

A general comment can also be made. Perhaps there is a compliment to be given for excellent service or an explanation may be given that would provide more detail for an unsatisfactory rating, allowing the situation to be remedied.

The Consultant is also encourage to make comments regarding each appointment for future reference.

Features and Benefits
  • You will be compensated for your time and effort. Each appointment will be set up for 15 minutes and you will be remunerated for this time. Remuneration will vary depending on your level of experience.
  • You will benefit from the exposure and credibility this new position will provide.
  • You will have your own page containing your bio and photo.
  • You will have access to various services provided by The National Institute for our lecturers, instructors, field trip leaders and consultants to highlight your genealogical activities.
  • You will be able to advertise and promote your services on your webpage, with a focus on your specialties (within pre-approved parameters).
  • You will be able to promote the dates of any lectures, field trips or other genealogical activities that you are associated with.
  • You will be encouraged to list any articles, publications or papers you have written. If appropriate, they may be viewed or linked from your web page.
  • Your books can be showcased and sold on our website.
  • You will become part of a worldwide network of other professionals, providing you with a large number of colleagues and resources for future advice.
Do You Want More Information?
Do you wonder if you would be the "qualified" consultant we are looking for? Are you interested in learning more about this opportunity? If so, we would be more than pleased to discuss this option with you.

First download this Information Kit. This will provide you with detailed information about this program. Once you are satistied with the requirements and you would like to proceed, complete the following steps. You will need to be logged-in before proceeding.
  1. Complete the Point System Calculator. This will determine your Level of Expertise.
  2. Read the Terms & Conditions and the Agreement. Once you agree, type in your name & social security/insurance number. Click on I AGREE at the bottom of the Agreement to proceed. This action will notify the National Institute of your intentions. Procedures to activate your Consultant's file will begin.
  3. You will be notified by e-mail once your file has been activated. Afterwards, you will be able proceed to your Consultant's Briefcase to complete your individual areas of specialty.
If you want more information you can book a 15 minute appointment with Sharon Murphy, Director Genealogical Services. Click here for her Appointment Book to reserve your time and you will experience how easy this process is. If you cannot find a suitable time available then send us an e-mail to: with your time preference OR call us toll free (North America) 1-800-580-0165 or locally at (416) 861-0165 and we will do our best to accommodate your request.


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