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Śląska Biblioteka Cyfrowa / Silesian Digital Library
[Hashtag] #genchat
by In-Depth Genealogy and Conference Keeper
1 RAR First Battalion Association - NSW Contingent to the Sudan 1885
1st Battalion Royal Australian Regiment
100 Years of ANZAC
100 Years of Anzac - Australian Women in the Second South African Anglo-Boer War
103d Infantry Division WW II Association - What are Morning Reports?
Morning Report abbreviations
1066 Genealogy - Transportation from Lewes Assizes
An online database of transportees from Lewes, Sussex Assizes.
1699 Historical Committee
1759 Rowan County Tax List
1832 Creek Nation, Alabama Census
1857 Old Settlers Roll
1869 Dunn Roll, Creek Freedman
1870 Federal Census, Marin County, California - Indians
1882 Creek (Muskogee) Nation Census
1895 U.S. Atlas
For England and Wales - Birthplace Codes - Occupational Codes
1915 Coo-ee March
2016 Family History
Website created by the National Archives of Ireland to help you find your Irish ancestors online.
24-7 Family History Circle
29th Infantry Division Morning Reports, World War Two - Using OneNote to Keep Up With Those Ancestors - Statehood Dates - United States Newspapers
90th Division Association
90th Division Association - Part 1: Summary of Operations
A Brief History of Orangeism in Ireland
Jacqueline Dana (1998)
A Glossary of Archaic Medical Terms, Diseases and Causes of Death
Rudy’s List of Archaic Medical Terms
A Land Fit for Heroes?
A History of Soldier Settlement in New South Wales, 1916-1939
A Little Bit of Ireland - "The Famine Immigrants" Book 2
Ships that Sailed from Port of Galway to Port of New York; Lists of Irish Immigrants Arriving at the Port of New York, 1846-1851.
A Little Bit of Ireland - "The Famine Immigrants" Book 3
Ships that Sailed from Port of Galway to Port of New York; Lists of Irish Immigrants Arriving at the Port of New York, 1846-1851.
A Little Bit of Ireland - Francis Guy's Directory of Munster 1886 (Ardnacrusha, Co. Clare)
A Little Bit of Ireland - Francis Guy's Directory of Munster 1886 (Clonlara, Co. Clare)
A Little Bit of Ireland - Freeman's Journal - 6 Aug 1917
A Little Bit of Ireland - Freeman's Journal - August 31, 1917 - Casualties
A Little Bit of Ireland - General Directory of the Kingdom of Ireland, 1788
Ennis, County of Clare
A Little Bit of Ireland - Index to the Births, Marriages & Deaths in Anthologica Hibernica 1793-1794
A Little Bit of Ireland - Rathkeale Graveyard, Co. Limerick
Monumental inscriptions in the Church of Ireland parish graveyard at Rathkeale, County Limerick
A Most Curious Murder - 1787 Glasgow Directory
Look for the link to the directory in the left menu bar.
A Myriad of Ramblings - Were Australian Convicts a Criminal Class or Victims of Circumstance?
A Smaller Social History of Ancient Ireland - Chapter IV - Brehon Laws
P.W. Joyce (Dublin: M.H. Gill & Son, Ltd., 1908)
A Timeline of Modern English History
A Touch of New Zealand - New Zealand Defence Forces 1860-1883
A Vision of Britain Through Time
A World History Encyclopedia - The Origins of Some English Last Names - Occupational Surnames
By Tim Lambert
A.C.T. Records - Australian Capital Territory-Genealogical and Historical Information
A.J. Morris DotCom
A.M.E. Today
African Methodist Episcopal Church
The shop at the British Automobile Association
AaBaco Small Business - 15 Social Media Statistics That Every Business Needs to Know
Aviation Archaeological Investigation and Research
AAIR - AAIR Air Force Accident Reports Search
Aviation Archaeological Investigation and Research
Abbotsford Genealogical Society
ABC Indigenous - Indigenous Language Map
Abebooks - Abebooks Australia & New Zealand
Abenaki and Eugenics - History of the Abenaki
Abenaki History
Aberdeen & North-East Scotland Family History Society
Aboriginal Art Online - Tasmanian Aboriginal People and History
Aboriginal Canada Portal
First Nations, Métis and Inuit online resources
About North Georgia - The Trail of Tears Route Map - About Education - Counting in Italian - About Education - Italian Language - About Money - Manage & Grow Your Small Business - About Money - Vendor Management Success Tips - About Travel - Countries of Eastern Europe - About Travel - Eastern European Culture - AboutMoney - Writing the Business Plan: Section 5 - AboutTech - What is Social Media Marketing?
Article by Daniel Nations - Clip Art - Education - The Cotton Gin in American History - Genealogy Blogs 101
Article by Kimberly Powell - Genealogy GEDCOM 101 - How To Do a Tombstone Rubbing - Online Social History Sources for Genealogists - Polish Surname Meanings & Origins - Technology - PC Support - 10 Free Online Backup Plans - WWII Draft Registration Records Advertising - Writing Press Releases Canada Online - The Persons Case: A Milestone in the History of Canadian Women Canada Online - Vital Statistics Offices in Canada Europe Travel - Interactive Italian Regional Map Freelance Writing - Sample Press Release French Language - Canadian Culture
fiogf49gjkf0d Genealogy Genealogy - Abstracting & Transcribing Genealogical Documents Genealogy - Common Nicknames & Their Given Name Equivalents Genealogy - Europe Genealogy - Faces of Our Ancestors
Kimberly's Genealogy Blog - Monday February 19, 2007 Genealogy - Family History Library System Genealogy - Fifty Questions for Family History Interviews
Article by Kimberly Powell Genealogy - Free Genealogy Charts & Forms Genealogy - Genealogy Blogs & Bloggers Genealogy - Genealogy Guide to the US Census
Article by Kimberly Powell Genealogy - Historical Newspapers Online Genealogy - How to Identify & Avoid Genealogy Scams
Article by Kimberly Powell Genealogy - How To Interview a Relative
Article by Kimberly Powell Genealogy - Including the “History” in Family History
Article by Kimberly Powell Genealogy - Jewish Genealogy Genealogy - Kimberly's Genealogy Blog Genealogy - Oral History Step-by-Step
Article by Kimberly Powell Genealogy - Social Networking & Family Trees
Article by Kimberly Powell Genealogy - Soundex Explained
Article by Kimberly Powell Genealogy - Surname Meanings & Origins
Scroll down for a variety of other helpful links Genealogy - Think Like a Detective - Developing a Genealogy Research Plan
Article by Kimberly Powell Genealogy - Top 10 Places to Find Maiden Names Genealogy - What is a Genealogy Conference Anyway?Why You Should Attend
Article by Kimberly Powell Genealogy - Which Genealogy Software Program is Best?
Article by Kimberly Powell Italian Language - Italian Language Lessons - Italian Numbers Judaism Parenting - Binders, Notebooks or Folders? - Organizing Your Genealogy Files Web Trends - How to Get Started With Wikis: A Beginner’s Guide to Wikis Genealogy - Genealogy GEDCOM 101
What Exactly is a GEDCOM and How Do I Use It?
Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum
Abstractions of the Indexes to the Civil Records of Polizzi Generosa and Isnello, Italy
ABYZ News Links - Newspapers & News Media Guide
Acacia Fraternity
Acadia Map
Acadia University - Vaughan Memorial Library - Maritime Newspapers on Microfilm at Acadia
Acadia University Archives - Atlantic Baptist Archives
Acadian & French Canadian Ancestral - Occupations & Trades in New France
Acadian & French Canadian Ancestral - St Jehan Passenger List
Acadian and French Canadian Genealogy
Acadian Archives of Prince Edward Island
Acadian Cultural Society
Acadian GenWeb
Acadian Museum & Archives - Surnames
Acadian-Cajun Genealogy & History
Acadian-Cajun Genealogy & History - Genealogy Links
Acadian-Cajun Genealogy & History - Surnames
Owen, Wendy, and J. M. Bumsted, "Divorce in a Small Province: A History of Divorce on Prince Edward Island from 1833," Acadiensis, Vol. XX, No. 2, Spring/Printemps, 1991.
Access Canberra - Births, deaths and marriages forms and fees
Access Genealogy - Arkansas Civil War Regiments, Rosters and Muster Rolls
Access Genealogy - Cooper Roll (1855)
Access Genealogy - Indian Tribes of California
Access Genealogy - Madewakanton Sioux Indian Census
Access Genealogy - Norway Genealogy
Access Genealogy - Search the Armstrong Rolls
Access Genealogy - Search the Final Rolls
Access Genealogy - Search the Kern Clifton Rolls
Access Genealogy - Search the Old Settlers Roll
Access Genealogy - Search the Wallace Roll
Access Genealogy - Washington Indian Tribes
Access Washington
Accessible Archives
Primary Source Material from 18th & 19th Century Publications - Full Text Searchable Databases (Fee/Subscription required)
Accidental Genealogist - Fearless Females: 31 Blogging Prompts to Celebrate Women’s History Month
Accidental Genealogist, The
Accidental Genealogist, The - Eleven for ‘11
Accidental Genealogist, The - Twelve for ‘12
Accredited Genealogists Ireland - Code of Practice
(formerly the Association of Professional Genealogists in Ireland)
Achivni Vademecum - Zemského archivu v Opavě
Czech Republic Land Records, 1450-1889
ACT Government - A.C.T. legislation register - Gazettes
ACT Government - ACT Planning and Land Authority
ACT Government - ACTMAPi
ACT Government - Department of Justice - Births, Deaths and Marriages
ACT Government - Education Directorate - Non-Government Schools
ACT Government - Historic Death Index
ACT Government - Libraries - ACT Heritage Library
ACT Government - Libraries - ACT Heritage Library Newspaper Holdings
ACT Government - Libraries - Sources for researching ACT family history
ACT Government - Office of Regulatory Services
Act of Union, 1707
ACT Ratifying and Approving Treaty of the Two Kingdoms of SCOTLAND and ENGLAND.
Acta Publica / Public Act
Action for Children - What we do - Records and support - Genealogy service
Add This - Share Buttons
Adds social media buttons to your blog
Adelaide City Council - City Archives
Adelaide Cooperative History - Non-British Colonists and Naturalization
Adelaide Cooperative History - Persons Lost and Found 1838 to 1915
Adelaide Cooperative History - South Australian District Constables 1853-1920
Adelaide Cooperative History - South Australian Naturalizations (1839-1903)
Adelaide Cooperative History - South Australian Police 1838-1920
Adelaide Cooperative History - Water: South Australia’s Early Days
Adelaide Hebrew Congregation
Adelaide Jewish Museum
Adelaide Proformat - 1841 Census-South Australia
Adelaide Proformat - Australian Information
Adelaide Proformat - Census in Australia
Adelaide Proformat - Convicts Transported from South Australia
Adelaide Proformat - How to locate AUS Wills
Adelaide Proformat - South Australian Information
Adelaide Proformat - What you can expect to see on an historical AUS BDM certificate
Database of le Groupe de recherche sur Montréal
National & World Religion Statistics - Church Statistics - World Religions
Adjutant’s Desk - Queensland Defence Force (1860 to 1903)
Adobe - Adobe Acrobat Pro DC
Adobe - Adobe Dreamweaver CS6
Adobe - Adobe InDesign
Adobe - Adobe Reader
Adobe - Best Practices for Accessible Flash Design
Adobe - Downloads - Adobe Reader
Adobe - Online Conversion Tools for Adobe PDF Documents
Adobe - Photoshop Elements
Adobe Color CC
Adobe Flash Player
Adobe InDesign
Adopt a Digger Project
Adoption Council of Canada
Adoption Network - Adoptees: Searching For Your Birth Mother
Adoption Search Reunion
Advanced Records Management Association International
Advantage Business Concepts - “Worksheet: Power Marketing From the Bottom Up!”
Article by Ellen Huxtable
Adventure! Troop 97 - Scout-Like and Scouting Alternative Organizations
Advocates for Human Rights - Energy of a Nation: Immigration Resources - Waves of German Immigrants
African Genesis: Black History - The Abolitionist
Information regarding the Underground Railroad
African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church
African Roots Podcast
African Ancestored Genealogy
AfriGeneas - Inventory of the Estate of Anna Whiteaker
AfriGeneas Brick Wall Forum
Agents of Efficiency - Small Business Consulting
Agents of Efficiency helps turn overwork into opportunity to give you more focus, time and profits. Learn about our small business consulting services here.
German Genealogical Web Directory
AICM - Learning After Work One Hundred Years Ago: Workingmen’s Institutes in Inner City Sydney
Archives in London and the M25 Area. Includes Westminster Hospital Medical registers of students 1890-1973.
Ainmean-Àite na h-Alba / Gaelic Place-Names of Scotland
Air Force Association
Air Force Association of Canada
Air Force Historical Research Agency
Air Force Personnel Center - Air Force Worldwide Locator
Airline Timetable Images
Anti-spam service
Al Beagan's Genealogy Notes
Alabama Department of Archives & History
Alabama Department of Archives & History - Military Records - War of 1812
Alabama Department of Archives & History - Vertical Files
Alabama Department of Archives and History - Alabama 1867 Voter Registration Records Database
Alabama Judicial System
Alabama Maps - Historical Maps of Arkansas
Alabama Maps - Historical Maps of Iowa
Alabama Maps - Historical Maps of Kansas
Alabama Maps - Historical Maps of Missouri
Alabama Maps - Historical Maps of Nebraska
Alabama Maps - Historical Maps of North Dakota
Alabama Maps - Historical Maps of Oklahoma
Alabama Maps - Historical Maps of South Dakota
Alabama Maps - Historical Maps of Washington
Map of that Part of Washington Territory Lying West of the Cascade Mounts. to Accompany the Report of the Surveyor General, 1857.
Alachua County Library District Heritage Collection
Alan Godfrey Maps - Old Ordnance Survey Maps
Alan’s Factory Outlet - Exploring Barn Types & Styles
Alaska Court System
Alaska Department of Health and Social Services - Division of Public Health
Bureau of Vital Statistics
Alaska Department of Natural Resources
Alaska Department of Natural Resources - Mining, Land & Water
Land cases, mining laws and claims, surveys, easements, plats
Alaska Department of Natural Resources - Office of History & Archaeology
Maritime Heritage, shipwrecks, archeology, landmarks, gold rush, geographic names
Alaska GenWeb Project
Obituary and Newspaper Indexes, Native Tribes lists and maps, lists of societies
Alaska Gold Rush History and Genealogy
Includes an index to gold-seekers and pioneers
Alaska Historical Society
Alaska Newspaper Project
Alaska State Archives
Alaska State Court Law Library - Alaska Legislative History
Alaska State Library - Alaska Historical Collections
Alaska State Library - Alaska Newspapers on Microfilm, 1866-1998
Alaska State Library - Finding Your Gold Rush Relative
Alaska’s Digital Archives
Consortium Library, University of Alaska Anchorage, Rasmuson Library at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, Alaska State Library in Juneau
Alaskan Native Claims Settlement Act Resource Center
AlaskaWeb - Alaska Marriage Index Database 1745-1950
Alberta College of Pharmacists
Alberta Courts
Alberta Family Histories Society
Alberta Family Histories Society - Data Projects
Alberta Family Histories Society - Newspaper Announcements (1883-1902)
Alberta Genealogical Society
Alberta Genealogical Society - Edmonton Branch - 1901 Census, Alberta and Saskatchewan
Alberta Genealogical Society - Grande Prairie & District Branch
Alberta Genealogical Society - Index to Alberta Homestead Records 1870 to 1930
Alberta GenWeb
Alberta Medical Association
Alberta On Record
Archives Society of Alberta’s online portal to archival collections in Alberta
Alberta Post Adoption Registry
Albuquerque - Special Collections Library
Alcatraz Inmate Lists
Alden Kindred of America
Alex Dworkin Canadian Jewish Archives
formerly the Canadian Jewish Congress Charities Committee National Archives
Alexander Mackenzie Voyageur Route
Alexander Street Press
Alexandrina Libraries
Alibris - Book collecting articles
Alice Springs Town Council - Alice Springs Collection
All Russia Family Tree
All Saints’ Church, Khadki
Allcensus - Questions Asked on the 1861 Agricultural Census
The database for the Drents Archief.
Allen County Public Library
Allen County Public Library - Catalog
Allen County Public Library - Genealogy Center
Allen County Public Library - Genealogy Center - Events
Allen County Public Library - Genealogy Center - Periodical Source Index Order Form
Allen County Public Library - Genealogy Center - Using Newspapers For Genealogical Research
Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center - Getting Started - Public Records in the United States
Allgemeine Zeitung
Alliance for Community Media - Mission
AllTheFreeStock - Immigration/Emigration Records
Along the Old Federal Road
An image viewer plug-in for Windows based web browsers.
Alvarez Web Services
Small Business SEO: Everything You Need To Know
Am Baile
Highland history & culture
Amateur Genealogist - Genealogy Articles
Amazon - Amazon Appstore for Android
Amazon Kindle - KDP Select
ebook publishing
Amazon Kindle - Kindle Publishing for Blogs - The Legacy Guide - Edith Hamilton
Author of books on Greek and Roman mythology
AmazonKindle - Kindle Direct Publishing
Ambasciata d’Italia a Washington [Embassy of Italy in Washington]
Ambra Books
Antiquarian and secondhand books relating to the counties of Bristol, Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Somerset, Wiltshire in England.
Ambra Books - Antiquarian and Secondhand Books
America in WWII - “Guarding the Home Skies”
Civil Air Patrol article by Drew Ames
American Ancestors
New England Historic Genealogical Society
American Ancestors - Education
New England Historic and Genealogical Society
American Ancestors - Free Database - Social Security Death Index
American Ancestors - Learning Resources - Subject Guides
New England Historic and Genealogical Society
American Ancestors - New England Historic Genealogical Register
American Ancestors - Newfoundland Genealogy
American Antiquarian Society - A Pursuit of a Pestilence
By Ernest Caulfield
American Antiquarian Society - List of Newspapers Microfilmed by the U.S. Newspaper Program
American Baptist Historical Society
American Baptist Historical Society - Genealogy
American Battle Monuments Commission
Monuments and memorials to military personnel who died in the service of their country.
American Battle Monuments Commission - Search - World War I Listing
American Blacksmith
American Centuries - First Person
American Civil War Research Database
American Demographic History Chartbook: 1790 to 2010 - Appendix A8-Fertility
Figure A8-1. Average Number of Children Ever Born per Woman for the United States by Region and State: Selected Birth Cohorts, 1835-1859 to 1945-1954
American Ex-Prisoners of War
American Friends of the Czech Republic - Czech Culture - Czech Genealogy
American Genealogist, The
American Heritage Girls
American Historical Association
American Historical Society of Germans from Russia
American History and Genealogy Project
American Italian Heritage Museum, American Italian Heritage Association
American Jewish Archives
Jacob Rader Marcus Center
American Jewish Archives - “Tracing Your Jewish Roots”
By Malcolm H. Stern
American Jewish Archives - Genealogy Guide
American Jewish Archives - Making a Research Request
American Jewish Historical Society
(New York, NY)
American Jewish Historical Society
American Jewish Historical Society - Collections
American Jewish Historical Society - Jewish Historical Societies in the U.S. and Abroad
American Jewish History - American Jewry 1654-1770
American Legion
American Library Association - Reference and User Services Association
"Guidelines for Developing Beginning Genealogical Collections and Services"
American Library Association - Reference and User Services Association
American Local History Network
American Merchant Marine at War
American Merchant Marine at War - Records and Contact Information
American Migration Patterns
American Military Nurses in World War II
American National Biography Online
American Red Cross
American Red Cross - International Services
Holocaust and War Victims Tracing
American Red Cross - Our History
American Religious History - Resource Links
American Rivers and Waterways
American Social History Project
American Society of Church History
American Society of Genealogists - The Genealogist
American Society of Media Photographers - Copyright Tutorial
American Surnames
American Translators Association
American War Bride Experience - GI Brides of World War II
American Wars - A List of Rhode Island Soldiers and Sailors in King George’s War, 1740-1748
American Women’s History: A Research Guide
American Women’s Letters and Diaries: A Bibliography
American-Canadian Genealogical Society
American-French Genealogical Society
America's First Families - Fraudulent Lineages
Amy Johnson Crow
An Eastern European Wedding
'An Indispensable Duty of Government: Civil Registration in Nineteenth-Century Tasmania'
Article by Rebecca Kippen
South African search engine
Ancestor Detective - Freebies
Ancestor Hunt
Ancestor Hunt - Bible Records
Ancestor Hunt - Newspapers!
Ancestor Search - Canada Military Genealogy Search Engines
Ancestor Search - Easy Google Genealogy Searcher
Ancestor Search - Free on Databases
Ancestor Search - Metaphone Calculator
Ancestor Search - Passenger Lists to Australia
Ancestor Search - Surname to Soundex Calculator
Ancestor Search - Tips for Using Google in Genealogy Searches
Article by Kathi Reid, "Using Google in Genealogy Searches"
Ancestor Search - United States Passenger Lists Genealogy Searches
South African genealogy sources
[Is now part of FindMyPast]
Ancestral Atlas
Ancestral Atlas - Frequently Asked Questions
Ancestral Journeys - “A Snapshot of SEO’s...”
“A Snapshot of SEO’s: Understanding Search Engine Optimization and How It Can Affect Your Genealogy Blog” By Jen Baldwin
Ancestral Quest
Ancestry Hunters International - Six Steps to Writing a Successful Genealogy Query
Ancestry Insider
The unofficial, unauthorized view of and
Ancestry Library Edition - “Mortality Schedules: Unlocking the Mystery”
By Echo King, AG
Ancestry Library Edition - “Your Search for U.S. Marriage Records”
By Sandra H. Luebking, FUGA
Ancestry the Polish Connection - Common Foreign Language Terms - 1851 Census of Canada East, Canada West, New Brunswick & Nova Scotia - 1921 Canadian Census - 1921 Census of Canada
Information about the 1921 census including the questions asked. - Canada, Ocean Arrivals (Form 30A), 1919-1924 - Canadian Census Collection - Canadian Passenger Lists 1865-1935 - Ontario, Canada Obituaries, 1999-2001: Kitchener Record and Windsor Star - The Drouin Church and Vital Records
Quebec Vital & Church Records - English and French records - 1901 UK Census Collection - 1911 England & Wales Census Collection - British Phone Books, 1880-1984 - Census & Electoral Rolls - London, England, Wills and Probate, 1507-1858 - Newspapers & Publications - UK Census Collection - UK, Extracted Probate Records, 1269-1975 - Abstract of Graves of Revolutionary Patriots - Abstract of North Carolina Wills, 1663-1760
Grimes, John Bryan (1910; reprint, Raleigh, North Carolina, Genealogical Publishing Co. 1980). - American Genealogical-Biographical Index (AGBI) - An Abstract of North Carolina Wills
Wills from about 1760 to about 1800; Compiled by Fred A. Olds (Oxford, N.C., 1925). - Ancestry Academy - Ancestry Blog - Ancestry Blog - Introducing Ancestry Academy, a New Way to Learn About Family History - Ancestry Learning Center - Ancestry Learning Center
Elizabeth Kelly Kersten, "Writing Effective Electronic Queries," (5/31/2001). - Ancestry Learning Center - Ancestry Academy: Watch. Learn. Discover. - Ancestry Support - Ancestry Support Community
Technical support including Family Tree Maker support - Ancestry World Tree - Ancestry's Red Book: American State, County, and Town Sources - App
Android/iPad/iPhone App - Benjamin D. Wilson, Report on California Indians, 1852 - Birth, Marriage & Death - Border Crossings and Passports
Both Canada and Mexico, into the US. - Brandenburg, Germany, Transcripts of Church Records, 1700-1874 - Brandenburg, Prussia Emigration Records - Calendar of Delaware Wills, New Castle County, 1682-1800 - Calendar of Kent County, Delaware Probate Records, 1680-1800 - California Census, 1790-1890 - Card Catalog - Cemetery Record Compendium - Census & Voter Lists - Census Forms - Charts and Forms - Charts and Forms - Ancestral Chart - Charts and Forms - Family Group Sheet - Collaborate
Ways to find members. - Cook County, Illinois, Marriages Index, 1871-1920 - Denizations and Naturalizations in the British Colonies in America, 1607-1775 - Denizations, Naturalizations, and Oaths of Allegiance in Colonial New York - Dick Eastman Online - Headlines for Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter - Early New York Naturalizations - Essex County, Massachusetts Probate Index 1638-1840
Transcribed by Melinde Lutz Sanborn from the original by W. P. Upham (Boston,Mass., 1987). - Fayette County, Kentucky Wills 1794-1818 - Freedman's Marriage Records, 1815-1866 - Gretna Green, Scotland, Marriage Registers, 1794-1895 - Hartford, Connecticut Probate Records, 1635-50 - Hartford, Connecticut Probate Records, 1700-29 - Hartford, Connecticut Probate Records, 1729-50 - Help - Family Tree Maker File Migration Utility - Historic Land Ownership and Reference Atlases, 1507-2000
United States and Canada - Historical Newspaper Collection - Immigration & Travel - Index of wills for New York County (New York City) from 1662-1850 - Index to Declaration of Intent for Naturalization: New York County, 1907-1924 - Index to Petitions for Naturalization filed in New York City, 1792-1989 - Iosco County, Michigan Naturalization Index, 1885-1910 - Irish Relatives and Friends - Jasper County, Missouri Wills 1842-90
Ellsberry, Elizabeth Prather, comp.. Will Records of Jasper County, Missouri 1842-90. Chillicothe, MO, USA: Elizabeth Prather Ellsberry, c1965. - Jewish Family History Collection - Kip's Tips
Kip Sperry, "American Migration Sources" (5/29/2001). - Land Records
United States records - Laramie County, Wyoming Naturalization Records, 1867-1920 - Linn County, Missouri Wills, 1820-78 - Maps, Atlases & Gazetteers - Message Boards - Message Boards - Central Europe - Message Boards - Eastern Europe - Message Boards - Oceania - Mexico, European Immigrants to USA Arriving at Vera Cruz, Mexico, 1921-1931 - Meyers Gazetteer of the German Empire
Meyers Orts- und Verkehrs-Lexikon des Deutschen Reichs - Michigan Eastern District Naturalizations - Military Records - Minnesota Naturalization Records Index, 1854-1957 - Names of Foreigners Who Took Oath of Allegiance to Province & State of Pennsylvania
1727-1775 - National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers - Naturalizations in America and the West Indies, 1740-1782 - New York County Supreme Court Naturalization Petition Index, 1907-24 - New York Emigrant Savings Bank, 1850-1883 - New York Wills, 1626-1836 - New York, Passenger Lists, 1820-1957 - Newspapers - Newspapers - Newspapers & Publications - Oaths of Allegiance, Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1777-1785 - Obituary Collection - Pennsylvania Foreign Oaths of Allegiance - Pennsylvania Foreign Oaths of Allegiance, Vol. 2 - Pennsylvania Naturalizations, 1740-73 - PERiodical Source Index
PERSI - Subject index in English and French language of genealogy and local history periodicals. - Philadelphia, 1789-1880 Naturalization Records - Privacy Statement - Research Calendar - Search - Europe - Germany - Search - Immigration and Travel - Passenger lists - Shasta County, California, Naturalization Records: 1852-1932 - Shenandoah County, Virginia, Wills, 1771-91
From the Elizabeth Prather Ellsberry Collection - Shoebox - Social Security Death Index - FAQ - Source: A Guidebook of American Genealogy - Start your family tree - Stories, Memories & Histories - Support Center - Getting started on Ancestry, Lesson 1: Starting Your Tree - Sussex County, Delaware Probate Records, 1680-1800 - Tax, Criminal, Land & Wills - The Family History Compass
Juliana Smith, "Creating a ‘Significant Events’ Timeline, Part 1" (4/23/2003). - The Family History Compass - Archive
A weekly column by Juliana Smith with tips and information for genealogists. - U.S. and Canada, Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s - U.S. Federal Census Collection
Includes census records from 1790 to 1940. - U.S. Federal Census Mortality Schedule Index - U.S. Federal Census Mortality Schedules, 1850-1885 - U.S. Map Collection, 1513-1990 - U.S. Passport Applications, 1795-1925 - U.S. Public Records Index, 1950-1993, Volume 1 - U.S., Department of Veterans Affairs BIRLS Death File, 1850-2010 - U.S., Find A Grave Index, 1600s-Current - U.S., Freedmen’s Bureau Marriage Records, 1815-1866 - U.S., Headstone Applications for Military Veterans, 1925-1963 - U.S., Indexed County Land Ownership Maps, 1860-1918 - U.S., Selected Federal Census Non-Population Schedules, 1850-1880 - U.S., Social Security Applications and Claims Index, 1936-2007 - U.S., Social Security Death Index, 1935-2014 - U.S., Sons of the American Revolution Membership Applications, 1889-1970 - U.S., World War II Cadet Nursing Corps Card Files, 1942-1948 - UK Census Forms - UK, City and County Directories, 1766-1946 - UK, Soldiers Died in the Great War, 1914-1919 - Upload an existing family tree file - Utah Naturalization Declarations of Intention, 1878-1895 - Walker River Valley River, Nevada Paiute Indian Records 1897-1901 - Wasatch County, Utah Citizenship Certificate Stubs, 1907-1924 - Wasatch County, Utah Naturalization Record Books, 1896-1906 - Westmoreland County, Virginia Wills, 1654-1800 - Wiki - Wiki - Census Indexes and Finding Aids - Wiki - List of Genealogical Societies [in the US] - Wiki - List of Historical Societies - Wiki - Red Book: American State, County, and Town Sources - Wuerttemberg, Germany Emigration Index - Australia, Electoral Rolls, 1903-1980 - Australian Birth, Marriage and Death Index - Benedictine Pioneers in Australia, Vol. 1 - Maryborough, Queensland Australia Immigrants from British Isles & Germany 1861-91 - New South Wales and Tasmania, Australia Convict Musters, 1806-1849 - New South Wales, Australia Historical Electoral Rolls, 1842-1864 - New South Wales, Departing Crew and Passenger Lists, 1816-1825, 1898-1911 Blog - Guide to Convict Records
Palmer, Jeremy (November 30, 2012) [Germany]
AncestryDNA - Genetic Communities
Anchorage Museum - History
Ancient Order of Hibernians in America
Andrew Millard’s Genealogy - Recent Indexes to English, Welsh, Scottish and Irish Probate Records
Android Central Forums
Android Official Blog
Angel Island Immigrant Journeys of Chinese-Americans
Anglican Archives of the Diocese of New Westminster
Anglican Cathedral of St. John the Baptist
Anglican Church Diocese of Perth - Diocesan Archives
Anglican Church of Australia
Anglican Church of Australia - Anglican Archives
Anglican Church of Australia - Historical Archive
Anglican Church of Canada
Anglican Church of Canada - Find a Church
Anglican Church of Canada - General Synod Archives
Anglican Church of Canada - Resources - Archives in the Anglican Church of Canada
Anglican Church Southern Queensland - Anglican Records & Archives Centre
Anglican Church Southern Queensland - Anglican Records and Archives Centre - Closed Churches
Anglican Deaconess Ministries - About - History
Anglican Diocese of Algoma Synod Archives
Anglican Diocese of Brandon
Anglican Diocese of Calgary
Anglican Diocese of Eastern Newfoundland & Labrador - Archives
Anglican Diocese of Eastern Newfoundland & Labrador - Our Parishes - Address Book
Anglican Diocese of Fredericton
Anglican Diocese of Fredericton - The Diocesan Archives
Anglican Diocese of Huron Archives
Anglican Diocese of Keewatin Archives
Anglican Diocese of Montréal - Archives
Anglican Diocese of Moosonee Archives
Anglican Diocese of Niagara Archives
Anglican Diocese of Ontario Archives
Anglican Diocese of Ottawa
Anglican Diocese of Ottawa Archives
Anglican Diocese of Québec
Anglican Diocese of Rupert’s Land
Anglican Diocese of Rupert’s Land Archives - About
Anglican Diocese of Toronto Archives
Anglican Diocese of Western Newfoundland Archives
Anglo German Family History Society
Anglo-Boer War Museum
Anglo-Boer War Museum - Research - Search - Boer - Anglo-Boer Oorlog - British and Colonial - Queen’s South Africa Medal - Miscellaneous Information - Concentration Camps - Miscellaneous Information - Jameson Raid
Includes list of names, medals and trial information - South African Units - Midland Mounted Rifles
Anglo-Burmese Library
Anglo-Catholic History Society
Animated Atlas of African History, 1879-2002
ANNO 1890 - The Swedish Census 1890
Annuaire Généalogique Internet / Internet Genealogical Directory - Britannica Concise Encyclopedia - Australian Aborigines
Antenati - Archivio di Stato di Napoli - Stato civile della restaurazione
San Carlo all’Arena - Matrimoni
Antenati [Ancestors]
Italian government website where you will find digitized civil records. Available in English.
Antenati [Ancestors] - Archivio di Stato di Messina
Antenati [Ancestors] - Archivio di Stato di Napoli - Stato civile della restaurazione
Avvocata - Matrimoni, Documenti d'impedimenti - 1844-1859
Antenati [Ancestors] - Il Territorio e le fonti
Regions and Sources
Antenati [Ancestors] - Italia
Archival list of records available through Portale Antenati
Anti-Defamation League
Founded in 1913 it was originally started to stop the defamation of the Jewish people. Now it is a civil rights and human relations agency. They fight bigotry, anti-Semitism, and protect civil rights for all people.
Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America
Antiquarian Booksellers' Association of America
Antique Home
Antique Home - Vintage House Plans
AnyWho - International
Anywho - White Pages
AnyWho - Yellow Pages
Anzac Centenary
Victoria State Government website
ANZAC Memorial Hyde Park Sydney
APA American Planning Association
Apache OpenOffice
Apache OpenOffice - Apache OpenOffice Impress
A free slide show/presentation component that allows you to create effective multimedia presentations online.
APN News and Media
Apple - Boot Camp
Apple - GarageBand for Mac
Apple - iCloud
Apple - iCloud - What’s coming to iCloud
Apple iCloud Preview
Apple - iMovie for Mac
Apple - iPad
Apple - iTunes
Apple - iTunes Preview - Metes and Bounds Basic
Apple - iTunes Preview - Name Maps for iPad
Apple - iWork - Keynote
Apple - Mac - iLife ’11
Apple - Safari
Web browser
Apple - Support - Mac Basics: Using Windows on your Mac with Boot Camp
Apple Pages
Apple Support - About AirPrint
Apple Support - iOS: About File Sharing
Archaeology UK - Place Name Search
Archdiocese of Dubuque [Catholic] - Archives
Archdiocese of Hobart - Archives and Cultural Heritage
Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas [Catholic]
Archdiocese of New Orleans Office of Archives
Archdiocese of Omaha [Catholic]
Archdiocese of Regina - Archives & Records
Archdiocese of Seattle - Archives and Records Management
Roman Catholic
Archdiocese of St. Louis [Catholic] - Office of Archives and Records
Archdiocese of Toronto Archives
Archdiocese of Winnipeg - Archives & Sacramental Records
Ontario's Archival Information Network
Archeparchy of Winnipeg Museum and Archives
Ukrainian Catholic
Archer Software
Historical and genealogical software utilities
Digital Church Book Portal
Archival Access Victoria
Archival Products Australia
Archive CD Books
Archive CD Books - Canada
Archive CD Books - Ireland
Archive CD Books - USA
Archive Council Nunavummi
Archive Digital Books Australasia
Archive Digital Books Australasia - Free Articles
Archive Finder
including Archives USA and NIDS UK/Ireland
A portal to various archives within the Netherlands, Flanders, and the world.
City of Sydney Archives digital photograph bank
Archives - “What You Should Know About Copyright and Genealogy”
An excellent article by Thomas MacEntee
Archives - Free Family Genealogy Websites & Resources
Archives - Learn From Experts
Archives - Learn from Experts - Major Jewish Record Repositories in the United States
Archives - Learn from Experts - Tracing Ethnicity and Religion - How the Jews Came to America
By Jennifer Alford, 10 April 2013
Archives - Trace Your Heritage - Spanish Genealogy
Archives - What is Forensic Genealogy?
Archives Association of British Columbia
Archives Association of Ontario
Archives Canada
Canadian Archival Information Network
Archives Canada - Links
Formerly Canadian Archival Resources on the Internet
Archives Canada - Links - University Archives Resources
Canadian Archival Information Network
Archives Canada - Religious Archives Resources
Archives Council of Prince Edward Island
Archives Council of Prince Edward Island - Search the Database
Archives de France
Archives De L’Ain
Archives Départementales de la Sarthe
Archives Départementales de la Seine-Maritime - Haute-Normandie
Archives Hub
Gateway to thousands of UK archives and represents over 180 institutions.
Archives in Germany
Website by Andreas Hanacek.
Archives Nationales d'outre-mer - Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur
Archives New Zealand
Archives New Zealand - ARCHWAY
Archives New Zealand - Citizenship
Archives New Zealand - Citizenship: Naturalisation and Aliens Records
Fact Sheet 2
Archives New Zealand - Death Duty Registers
Fact Sheet 9
Archives New Zealand - Divorce Records
Fact Sheet 4
Archives New Zealand - Education Records - Pupils
Fact Sheet 7
Archives New Zealand - Education Records - Teachers
Fact Sheet 8
Archives New Zealand - Info Sheet 1: Police Gazettes
Archives New Zealand - Insolvency: Bankruptcy and Company Liquidation
Fact Sheet 1
Archives New Zealand - Migration
Archives New Zealand - Miscellaneous Registers and Case Files-Supreme/High Courts
Fact Sheet 3
Archives New Zealand - Questions & Answers - New Zealand Defence Force Personnel Files
Archives New Zealand - Research & Ordering - Our Research Services
Archives New Zealand - Research & Ordering - Questions & Answers
Archives New Zealand - Research Guide 1: Citizenship
Archives New Zealand - Research Guide 10: LAND - Wellington
Archives New Zealand - Research Guide 11: Welfare
Archives New Zealand - Research Guide 2: Personal Identity
Archives New Zealand - Research Guide 5: Education
Archives New Zealand - Research Guide 6: Mental Health
Archives New Zealand - Research Guide 7: Government Employment
Archives New Zealand - Research Guide 8: Making a Living
Archives New Zealand - Research Resources
Archives New Zealand - War
Archives of Belarus
Archives of Manitoba
Archives of Manitoba - Accessing Government Records in the Archives
Archives of Manitoba - Keystone Archives Descriptive Database
Archives of Manitoba - Manitoba Probate Records
Archives of Manitoba - Microfilm Program - Court Records
Court of Queen’s Bench, Divorce Files
Archives of Maryland Online
Archives of New Zealand - Probate Files
(Fact Sheet 5)
Archives of Ontario
Archives of Ontario - Archives Description Database
Archives of Ontario - Citing Archival Records
Guide No. 107
Archives of Ontario - Conversion List of the Archives ...
... of Ontario's and the Genealogical Society of Utah's Microfilm References
Archives of Ontario - From Grant to Patent: A Guide to Early Land Settlement Records
ca. 1790 to ca. 1850
Archives of Ontario - Microfilm Interloan Service - What Microfilm is Available on Interloan?
Archives of Ontario - Online Exhibits - A Lifetime-Day by Day: Five Women and their Diaries
Archives of Ontario - Patient and Health Practitioner Records
Research Guide 224
Archives of Ontario - Peter Robinson Papers
Archives of Ontario - Research Guides and Tools
Archives of Ontario - Services to the Public
Archives of Ontario - Student and Teacher Records
Research Guide #216
Archives of Ontario - Toronto Emigrant Office Assisted Immigration Registers Database
An index to assisted immigration registers 1865-1883
Archives of Ontario - Tracing Your Ancestry at the Archives of Ontario
Archives of Ontario - Understanding the Archival Reference Code in the Ontario Land Records Index
Archives of Ontario - Using the Ontario Land Records Index ca. 1780-ca. 1920
Archives of the Anglican Diocese of British Columbia
Archives of the Episcopal Church
Archives of the Reformed Church in America
Dutch Reformed Church
Archives of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Kingston
Archives of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Thunder Bay
Archives of Ukraine
Archives Office of Tasmania - Archives & Libraries
Archives Office of Tasmania - Brief Guide 10: Records Relating to Naturalisations
Archives Office of Tasmania - Brief Guide 21: Records Useful for Genealogical Research
Archives Office of Tasmania - Brief Guide 6: Convict Ticket of Leave Records
Archives Office of Tasmania - Brief Guide No. 13: Records Most ...
... Frequently Used for Personal Information about Convicts
Archives Office of Tasmania - Brief Guide No. 20: Convict Records
Archives Office of Tasmania - Guide to Records and Their Use
Archives Office of Tasmania - Guide to the Public Records of Tasmania - Convict Department
Archives Office of Tasmania - Index to Census Records 1837-1857
Archives Office of Tasmania - Index to Naturalisations 1835-1905
Archives Office of Tasmania - Index to Tasmanian Convicts
Archives Office of Tasmania - Index to Wills & Letters of Administration from 1824-1989
Archives Office of Tasmania - Indexes & Genealogical Resources
Archives Office of Tasmania - Records Relating to Free Immigration
Archives Portal Europe
Archives Society of Alberta
Archives Society of Alberta - Directory of Archives
Archives Wales
Archives Wales - National Library of Wales - Court of Great Sessions in Wales Records
Publicly available Australian Capital Territory government records.
ArchivesACT - Finding Aid - Schools
ArchivesACT - Finding Aids
Canadian Archival Information Network
Archivi - Sistema Informativio degli Archivi di Stato
Archivio di Stato di Bergamo
Archivio di Stato di Cosenza [Cosenza Provincial Archives]
Archivio di Stato di Foggia
Archivio di Stato di Foggia - Servizi - Modulistica
Archivio di Stato di Foggia - Servizi - Sala di studio
Rules for using the archive
Archivio di Stato di Milano [Milan Provincial Archives] - Atlante dei Catasti...
Atlante dei Catasti Storici e delle carte topografiche della Lombardia (Historical Atlas of registers and Maps of Lombardy)
Cadastral maps for the Milano province
Archivio di Stato di Napoli - Anagrafe degli archivi
Archivio di Stato in Cosenza - Portale Della Storia Degli Italiani
Archivio storico delle fedi di battesimo
Archive of the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore
Archivio Storico Diocesano Diocesi di Lodi (Diocesan Archives of Lodi)
ArchivNet Österreichs Archive Online
Archivschule Marburg [Archives School Marburg]
Archiwum Narodowe W Krakowie [National Archives in Krakow, Poland]
Archway - Nova Scotia's Archival Database
Arcidiocesi Ortodossa - Holy Orthodox Archdiocese of Italy and Malta
Eastern Orthodox Catholic Church
Argentinisches Tageblatt - Wir über uns
Argentine Daily - About us
Arizona State Library, Archives & Public Records - History & Archives
Arizona Supreme Court - Arizona Judicial Branch
Arkansas Catholic
Arkansas Commissioner of State Lands - Historical Documents, Maps & More
Arkansas Department of Health - Vital Records/Certificates
Arkansas Digital Ark-ives - Historic Maps Collection
Arkansas History Commission
Arkansas History Commission - Search Carat - Newspapers
Arkansas Judiciary
Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department - Map - Historical County Maps-1936
Arkansas State Legislature
Arkistolaitos Arkivverket [National Archives Service of Finland]
Denmark parish registers and population censuses on the Internet
ArkivDigital - Swedish Genealogy
Arkivverket Digitalarkivet
Norway Digital Archives
Arkivverket Riksarkivet og Statsarkivene [National Archives of Norway]
Arlington Heights Memorial Library - Genealogy & Local History
Arlington National Cemetery - Find a Gravesite
Armchair Genealogist, The
Lynn Palermo’s blog
Armchair Genealogist, The - Interviewing
Armed Forces Vetrans Home Foundation
Armed Services Assistance Centre
Australian War Medals
Armed Services Assistance Centre - Rules and regulations of medal dressing
Australian War Medals
Armstrong County Genealogy Project - Baptismal Record for Forks-Zion Lutheran Church 1838-1883
Army Heritage Center Foundation - Voices of the Past
“Supporting the Nation: The Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps & Women’s Army Corps”
Army Historical Foundation
Army Museum of South Australia
Army Museum of Western Australia
Army Museums Ogilby Trust [UK]
ARROW - The Italian cultural heritage in Europeana through Google
Artists Papers Registers
A register of papers of artists, designers, and craftspeople held in collections in the United Kingdom and Ireland.
Arts & Crafts Society - Do You Have A Sears Kit Home?
Arts & Crafts Society - Sears Roebuck Kit Homes
Ashton Entertainment
Ashton’s Circus
Ask - Advanced Search
Ask - Search Images
Ask About Ireland
Ask about Ireland - Griffith’s Valuation
Assemblies of God International Fellowship
Associated Daughters of Early American Witches
Associates of the Provincial Archives New Brunswick
Association for Manitoba Archives
Association for Manitoba Archives - MAIN
Online searchable database of descriptions of archival material held by Manitoba's archives
Association for Manitoba Archives - Manitoba Archival Information Network
Association Museums New Brunswick
Association of American Geographers - Historical GIS Clearinghouse and Forum
Association of Baptist Church in Ireland - Church Finder-List
Association of Baptist Churches
Baptists in Ireland
Association of Baptist Churches in Ireland
Association of British Counties
Association of British Counties - Gazetteer of British Place Names
Association of British Counties - Problem of County Confusion
Association of Canadian Archivists
Association of Canadian Archivists - Archivaria Jounal
Bob Krawczyk, "Cross Reference Heaven: The Abandonment of the Fonds as the Primary Level of Arrangement for Ontario Government Records," Archivaria, NO. 48, Fall 1999.
Association of Canadian Map Libraries and Archives
Association of Genealogists & Researchers in Archives - Code of Practice
Association of Genealogists and Researchers in Archives
Association of German-speaking Professional Genealogists
(in German, English and French)
Association of Newfoundland and Labrador Archives
Association of Newfoundland and Labrador Archives - Archival Resource Catalogue
Association of Personal Historians
Association of Personal Historians - About APH - Our Mission, Goals & Code of Ethics
Association of Personal Historians - Blog
Association of Personal Historians - How-To Preserve Resources
This webpage contains many website and book resources for preservation and archival work.
Association of Personal Historians - Memoir Writing
Association of Personal Historians - Resources-A Growing Collection
Association of Personal Photo Organizers
Association of Professional Declutterers & Organisers
Association of Professional Genealogists
Association of Professional Genealogists - Becoming a Professional
Association of Professional Genealogists - Chapters
Association of Professional Genealogists - Code of Ethics
Association of Professional Genealogists - Copyright & Genealogy
Association of Professional Genealogists - Professional Management Conference
Association of Professional Genealogists - Publications - APG Quarterly
Association of Professional Genealogists - SL Chapter
Second Life
Association of Professional Genealogists - Work Samples
Essential Research Reports for Genealogists: 3 Samples by Elizabeth Shown Mills.
Association of Professional Genealogists in Ireland
Association of Professional Genealogists Ontario Chapter - Citations for Canadian
Citation guide for Canadian sources created by Alison Hare.
Association of Professional Photo Organizers
Association of Registered Nurses of British Columbia
Association of Registered Nurses of Newfoundland and Labrador
Association of Registered Nurses of Prince Edward Island
Association of Scottish Genealogists and Researchers in Archives
Association of Scottish Genealogists and Researchers in Archives - Code of Practice
Aster Software - FamViewer
'Astronauts to Ancestors - Real Research Breakthroughs Via The Internet'
Article by Mark Howells. A version of this article first appeared in the January/February 2001 issue of Ancestry Magazine.
At Home on the French Frontier: 1700-1800 - Time Line: 1673-1800
Atlantic Canada Virtual Archives - Edward Winslow Letters
Historical Context: Bibliography of Sources on the Loyalists
Atlantic City Free Public Library
Atlantic County Library System - Digitized Newspaper Collections
Atlas des Deustchen Reichs [Atlas of the German Empire]
Atlas of New South Wales
Atlas of New South Wales - Aboriginal Heritage
Atlas of Saskatchewan
Atlas of South Australia
Atlas South Australia - Organizing a Colony
AtoJsOnline - About the Appendices to the Journals of the House of Representatives
AtoJsOnline - Education: Industrial Schools and Orphanages
Atomz - Atomz Site Search
Attractions Canada
Auckland City Libraries
Auckland City Libraries - Family History eResources
Auckland Council - Council Archives
Auckland Council - Council Archives - Burgess Rolls for the City of Auckland Database 1872-1892
Auckland Council - Libraries - 1881 Electoral Rolls
Auckland Council - Libraries - Auckland Area Passenger Arrivals 1838-1889, 1909-1921
Auckland Council - Libraries - Cemeteries in Auckland
Auckland Council - Libraries - Cemeteries in New Zealand
Auckland War Memorial Museum
Auckland War Memorial Museum - Cenotaph Database
Auckland War Memorial Museum - Cenotaph Database - Armoury Resources
Auckland War Memorial Museum - Online Cenotaph
Audible - The Industrial Revolution
Augustana College - Church Records
Augustana University - Center for Western Studies
AusAnthrop - Australian Aboriginal tribal database
Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum
AUS-NSW-WEST Mailing List - Hotels and Publicans Licenses
Western NSW 1865-1900, Part of Central NSW 1865-1870
AUSNZ Passenger Lists
Aussie Educator - History of Australian Education
AUS-Tasmanian Genealogy Mailing List
Guide to Resources for Tasmanian Genealogy
AUS-Tasmanian Genealogy Mailing List - Articles of Interest to the Family Historian
AUS-Tasmanian Genealogy Mailing List - Convict Ships List
AUS-Tasmanian Genealogy Mailing List - Guide to Resources for Tasmanian Genealogy
8. Land Records and Public Works
AUS-Tasmanian Genealogy Mailing List - Immigrants Recruited by Launceston Immigration Aid Society
AUS-Tasmanian Genealogy Mailing List - Index to Early Land Grants in Van Diemen’s Land (to 1824)
AUS-Tasmanian Genealogy Mailing List - Pre-1900 Tasmanian Births, Deaths & Marriages
AUS-Tasmanian Genealogy Mailing List - Tasmanian Convict Record Abbreviations
AUS-Tasmanian Genealogy Mailing List - Tasmanian Registration Districts 1838-1945
Origin and Development Chart, transcribed by Douglas Burbury (25 March 2001).
AUS-Tasmanian Genealogy Mailing List- Immigrants Recruited by Launceston Immigration Aid Society
Kevin Green, "Immigrants Recruited by the Launceston Immigration Aid Society 1855-1862" (1999)
Austin Genealogical Society - AGS Newsletter
Tommy Ingram, "Huguenots for Newbies" (September 2006).
AustLII - Databases - Victoria Government Gazettes
Australasia - Births, Deaths and Marriages Exchange - Church Albums
Australasia Births, Deaths and Marriages Exchange
Australasia Births, Deaths and Marriages Exchange - Church Albums
Australasian Association of Genealogists and Record Agents Inc - Code of Ethics & Complaints
Australasian Association of Genealogists and Record Agents Inc.
Australasian Association of Professional Organisers
Australasian Federation of Family History Organisations
Australasian Federation of Family History Organisations - Index of Indexes
Australia @ War
Australia and the Vietnam War - The Vietnam War
Australia for Everyone - Australia’s Place Names
Australia Medical Pioneers Index - Sources of Information About Pioneer Doctors
Australia’s Involvement in the Korean War
Australia’s Maritime World
Australia’s Red Coat Regiments (1788 .... 1870)
Australia’s Red Coat Settlers - A list of Marine Officers, Marines, Ships Crews...
Who arrived January 26, 1788 as part of the Fleet
Australia’s Vietnam War
Australia’s Virtual Immigration Wall of Honour
AustraliaDancing - Resource Directory
AustraliaGenWeb - Victorian Place Name Abbreviations
Australian and New Zealand Society of the History of Medicine
Australian Anzacs in the Great War 1914-1918 - The AIF Project
Australian Army - The Longest War: The Australian Army in Afghanistan
Australian Battlefields of World War 1-France
Australian Boer War Memorial
Australian Bureau of Statistics
Australian Bureau of Statistics - Australian Social Trends, 2001
Mortality and Morbidity: Mortality in the 20th century
Australian Bureau of Statistics - Census - Historical Data
Australian Bureau of Statistics - Colonial censuses and musters
Australian Bureau of Statistics - Reflecting a Nation
Australian Bureau of Statistics - Settlement of Returned Soldiers and Sailors 1914-18
Australian Bureau of Statistics - Year books and other multi-subject products
Australian Capital Territory Consolidated Acts - Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Act 1997
Australian Cemeteries
Australian Copyright Council
Australian Country Hospital Heritage Association
Australian Daily Funeral and Death Notices
Australian Data Archive - Historical Census and Colonial Data Archive
Australian Decorative and Fine Arts Societies
Australian Decorative and Fine Arts Societies - Schools of Arts/Mechanics’ Institutes
Australian Dictionary of Biography
Australian Dictionary of Biography - Hussey, Henry (1825-1903)
Australian Disaster Resilience
Knowledge Hub
Australian Education Network - Historical Development of Australian University Sector
Australian e-Heritage Portal
Australian e-Heritage Portal - Fantome Island Lock Hospital And Lazaret Sites (former)
Australian e-Heritage Portal - Gympie Town Hall Reserve Complex
Australian e-Heritage Portal - Rosemount Hospital
Australian Electoral Commission
Australian Electoral Commission - Australia’s major electoral developments Timeline: 1788-1899
Australian Electoral Commission - Three levels of government
Australian Family History & Historical Societies
Australian Family History Compendium
Australian Family Tree Connections
Australian Federation of Cornish Associations
Australian Government - Australian national shipwreck database
Australian Government - About Australia - Australian Stories - History–colonial, conflict and modern
Australian Government - About Australia - Australian Stories - The Boer War
Australian Government - Australian Government Gazettes
Australian Government - Australian Heritage Council
Australian Government - Australian Heritage Database
Australian Government - Australian Stories - Circus in Australia...
Circus in Australia-A way of life for 70 years, 1847-1917
Australian Government - Australian Taxation Office
Self-governance checklist for not-for-profit organisations
Australian Government - Best Practice Guide - Small business & the Fair Work Act
For in-depth reading on hiring employees
Australian Government - Births, Deaths and Marriages Registries
Australian Government - Business
Small Business Resources. Information concerning getting started, licensing, tools and resources, and additional resources.
Australian Government - Business - Marketing plan app: MarketMyBiz
Australian Government - Business - Plan & Start
Australian Government - ComLaw
Australian Government - Copyright
Australian Government - Department of Defence - Afghanistan - Battle casualties in Afghanistan
Australian Government - Department of Defence - Defence Honours & Awards
Australian Government - Department of Defence - Royal Australian Army Nursing Corps
Australian Government - Department of Defence - The War in Iraq
Australian Government - Department of Immigration and Citizenship
Fact Sheet 4-More than 60 Years of Post-war Migration
Australian Government - Department of Infrastructure and Transport - History of Rail in Australia
Australian Government - Department of the Prime Minister & Cabinet - Area of Focus - It’s an Honour
Australian Government - Department of Veterans' Affairs - Nominal Roll of Vietnam Veterans
Australian Government - Department of Veterans' Affairs - World War 2 Nominal Roll
Australian Government - Department of Veterans’ Affairs
Australian Government - Department of Veterans’ Affairs - Australia’s War 1939-1945
Australian Government - Department of Veterans’ Affairs - CLIK - History Library
Australian Government - Department of Veterans’ Affairs - DVA’s Nominal Rolls
Australian Government - Department of Veterans’ Affairs - First and Second World War Cemeteries
Australian Government - Department of Veterans’ Affairs - History - Publications
ANZAC Portal
Australian Government - Department of Veterans’ Affairs - Nominal Rolls
Australian Government - Department of Veterans’ Affairs - Nominal Rolls - Gulf War Nominal Roll
Australian Government - Department of Veterans’ Affairs - WWI in the Middle East
Australian Government - Dept of Infrastructure & Regional Development - History of Rail in Australia
Australian Government - Dept. of Veterans’ Affairs - Nominal Roll Veterans of the Korean War
Australian Government - Emergency Management and Recovery - Step 1: Plan and Prepare for Emergencies
Australian Government - Geoscience Australia - Gazetteer of Australia Place Name Search
Australian Government - Heritage Places
Australian Government - Indigenous peoples
Australian Government - Indigenous peoples - Land councils
Australian Government - Search the Australian heritage photographic library
Australian Government - Small Business
Australian Government - The Treasury - A Brief History of Australia’s Tax System
Australian Heritage
Australian Historical Association
Australian History - Articles
Alan Phillips, “Government and Police Gazettes: Unlocking a Major Untapped Resource."
Australian History Research - Directories and their use in Family History Research
Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies
Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies - Dawn and New Dawn 1952-1975
Indigenous magazine
Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies - Finding your family
Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies - Link-Up services
Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies - The Koori Mail Online
Australian Institute of Genealogical Studies
Australian Institute of Genealogical Studies - AIGS Publications for Sale
Australian Institute of Genealogical Studies - Bendigo Family History Group
Australian Institute of Genealogical Studies - Links - Australia
Australian involvement in South East Asian Conflicts - Emergency and Confrontation
Australian Jewish Genealogical Society (Vic)
Australian Jewish Genealogical Society Inc
Australian Jewish Historical Society
Australian Jewish Historical Society (Victoria)
Australian Jewish Historical Society [NSW]
Australian Light Horse Association
Australian Local Government Association
Australian Local Government Association - Councils on the Web
Australian Medical Pioneers Index
Australian Medical Pioneers Index
Australian Military Police-BCOF Japan
British Commonwealth Occupation Force Japan
Australian Mining History Association
Australian National Maritime Museum
Australian National Maritime Museum - First Fleet
Guide to printed and web-based information on the First Fleet.
Australian National Maritime Museum - Illustrated Sydney News
Australian National Maritime Museum - Passenger Ships to Australia
A Comparison of Vessels and Journey Times to Australia between 1788 and 1900
Australian National Maritime Museum - Seafaring Ancestors
Australian National University - “An Indispensable Duty of Government..."
“An Indispensable Duty of Government: Civil Registration in Nineteenth-Century Tasmania”
Australian National University - Archives
Australian National University - Archives - Collections - Noel Butlin Archives Centre
Australian National University - Archives - Noel Butlin Archives Centre - Professional Researchers
Australian National University - Finding aids
Australian National University - The broken years: a study of the diaries and letters...
...of Australian soldiers in the Great War, by Bill Gammage
Australian National University - The Making of White Australia: Ruling Class Agendas, 1876-1888
Australian Obituaries
Australian Peacekeeper & Peacemaker Veterans Association
Australian Peacekeeper & Peacemaker Veterans Association - Australian Military Contribution... US-led Multinational Force to Secure & Stabilise Iraq
Australian Periodical Publications 1840-1845
Australian Periodical Publications 1840-1845 - The Shipping Gazette and Sydney General Trade List
Australian Royalty
Australian Schools Directory
Australian Screen
Australian Screen - Boer War Transvaal Contingent (1899)
Australian Screen - Mystery Island (1937)
Australian Screen - Secret Fleets (1995)
Australian Service Nurses National Memorial
Australian Society of Archivists
Australian Society of Archivists - Special Interest Groups - Collections of Faith Traditions
Australian Society of the Lacemakers of Calais
Australian Special Air Service Association
Australian Trade Union Archives
Australian Unity - Our Collections - Search
Australian War Graves Photographic Archive
Australian War Memorial
Australian War Memorial - About - Encyclopedia
Australian War Memorial - About - Origins of the Australian War Memorial
Australian War Memorial - Blog - Development of RAAF and Australian Civil Aviation
Australian War Memorial - Blog - Film Collection Online: The First World War
Australian War Memorial - Blog
Australian War Memorial - Centenary
Australian War Memorial - Centenary - ANZAC Connections
Australian War Memorial - Collection - AWMOHWW1 - First World War Official Histories
Australian War Memorial - Collections - Search
Australian War Memorial - Colonial Period, 1788-1901
Australian War Memorial - Events - Gallipoli: The August Offensive Symposium papers
Australian War Memorial - Exhibitions
Australian War Memorial - Exhibitions - Nurses: from Zululand to Afghanistan - Great War nurses
Australian War Memorial - Indonesian Confrontation, 1963–66
Australian War Memorial - Korea, 1950-1953 Units
Australian War Memorial - People - Chronological guide to official records
Australian War Memorial - People - Research Centre - Information sheets
Australian War Memorial - People - Research Centre - Personal service records: Australian service
Australian War Memorial - People - Search for a person
Australian War Memorial - People - Search for a Person
Australian War Memorial - Personal Service Records: Countries other than Australia
Australian War Memorial - Researching Australian Military Service
South African War (Boer War), 1899-1902
Australian War Memorial - Researching Australian Military Service: First World War, 1914-1918
Australian War Memorial - Researching Australian military service: First World War, Merchant Navy
Australian War Memorial - Researching Australian military service: First World War, Merchant Navy
Australian War Memorial - Researching Australian Military Service: First World War, Nurses
Australian War Memorial - Researching Australian Military Service: Gulf War 1990-91
Australian War Memorial - Researching Australian Military Service: Indonesian Confrontation, 1963-66
Australian War Memorial - Researching Australian Military Service: Korean War, 1950-1953
Australian War Memorial - Researching Australian Military Service: Malayan Emergency, 1948-60
Australian War Memorial - Researching Australian Military Service: Peacekeeping
Australian War Memorial - Researching Australian Military Service: Second World War, 1939-1945
Australian War Memorial - Researching Australian Military Service: Sudan, 1885
Australian War Memorial - Researching Australian Military Service: Vietnam War, 1962-1975
Australian War Memorial - Search
Australian War Memorial - Search AMF Prisoners of War and Missing... the Far East and South West Pacific Islands
Australian War Memorial - Search Commemorative Roll
Australian War Memorial - Search First World War Embarkation Roll
Australian War Memorial - Search First World War Nominal Roll
Australian War Memorial - Search First World War Red Cross Wounded and Missing
Australian War Memorial - Search Honours and Awards
Australian War Memorial - Search Pre First World War Conflicts Nominal Rolls
Australian War Memorial - Search Remembrance Book
Australian War Memorial - Search the Roll of Honour
Australian War Memorial - Second World War Official Histories
Australian War Memorial - Second World War, 1939-1945 Units
Australian War Memorial - Visit - Talks and speeches
Australian War Memorial - War History
Australian Women in War
Australian Women’s Register
Australian Women’s Register - Australian Women’s Archive Project
Australian Women’s Register - The Women’s Christian Temperance Union of Victoria (1885-)
Australian Women’s Register - Unbroken Spirit
Women in Broken Hill online exhibit
Australian Writers’ Centre - Australian History: Bushrangers - Australian History: Convict Bolters
Australians at War
Australians at War - Command Centre - The Great Search
Australians at War - Command Centre - Through My Eyes
Australians in the Boer War Oz-Boer Database Project
Australians on the Western Front 1914-1918
Australians Serving in the Boer War
Australia's Centenary of Federation - Convict Punishment
Australia's Redcoat Settlers - New South Wales Corps. (Rum Corps.)
Australia's Redcoat Settlers - Some Insight in to the Castle Hill District
Austro-Hungarian Web Site - How Far to Church in the Austrian Empire?
From the history of Albrechtsdorf, Czech Republic
Auswandererlisten des Ehemaligen Herzogtums Braunschweig
Emigrant List from the former Duchy of Braunschweig 1846-1871, except the City of Braunschweig & the County of Holzminden, by Fritz Gruhne
Authors Unlimited
Australian Society of Authors
AuthorStream - Finding Your Elusive East European Ancestors
Automated Genealogy
Automated Genealogy - 1901 Census of Canada Indexing Project
Automated Genealogy - 1911 Census of Canada Indexing Project
Automated Genealogy - British Home Children Links
Automated Genealogy - Indices to Canadian Censuses
Autorità Portuale Di Genova
Port Authority of Genoa
Avataq Cultural Institute
Avira - Avira AntiVir
Avoca and District Historical Society
Victoria, Australia
Avotaynu - Avotaynu Journal
Avotaynu - Avotaynu Journal - Index to the First Twenty-four Volumes of AVOTAYNU
Avotaynu - International Tracing Service
Avotaynu - Soundexing and Genealogy
by Gary Mokotoff (1997)
Awards to the Royal Canadian Navy
Awesome Genealogy
Awesome Genealogy - Index to the 1744 Québec City Census
B&F: Jewish Genealogy and More - Encyclopedia of Jewish Genealogy
B&F: Jewish Genealogy and More - Forms
B&F: Jewish Genealogy and More - Jewish Gravestone Symbols
B&H Photo, Video & Pro Audio
For cameras, tripods, lights and sound fear
B’nai B’rith Canada
B’nai B’rith International
This organization has been an advocate for Jewish people and human rights since 1843.
B2B - International Directories
Babel Fish
Translation software
Badische Orstfamilienbücher
(in German and English)
Baker University
Ballarat & District Genealogical Society
Victoria, Australia
Ballarat & District Genealogical Society - Sebastopol, Ballarat
Victoria, Australia
Ballarat & District Genealogical Society - Victorian Mining Accident Index
Ballarat & District Genealogical Society - Victorian Mining Accident List
Ballinteer Family History Society
Baltimore Sun
Balzekas Museum of Lithuanian Culture
Bancroft Library
Bank of Canada
Bank of Canada - Unclaimed Balances
Banner Generator
Baptist Heritage Queensland - National Guide to Australian Baptist Historical Resources & Services
Baptist History Australia - Your Guide to Researching Norwegian Ancestors - Your Guide to Researching Spanish Ancestors
Bare Bones - BBEdit
Bare Bones Guide to HTML
Barnardo's - The History of Barnardo's
Barnardos Australia - About us - History - Child Migration Program
Barnett Maritime History
Barossa Council
Barry Sharples’ Bosbury History Resource - Legal and Other Terms
Terms used in England
Database of Archival Indexing System
Basque Museum and Cultural Center - Collections
Bastard Nation
Bata Shoe Museum
Batemans Bay - Batemans Bay Historical Information - Forums - World War 1: The Great War 1914-1918 - German East Africa AAR
Bavaria Germany Gen Web - Genealogical Societies
Baylor University - Institute for Oral History
Baylor University Institute for Oral History - Introduction to Oral History
Bayview Labs - Book Bazaar
BBC - Beag air Bheag
Scottish Gaelic for absolute beginners
BBC - Domesday Reloaded
Domesday project
BBC - Family History - Next Steps
BBC - History
BBC - History - Black Death
Archived website
BBC - History - Family History - To Pay or Not To Pay?
A guide to choosing genealogy sites on the internet
BBC - History - The Boer Wars
BBC - History - World Wars - Soldiers’ Stories Audio Gallery
Archived website
BBC - Languages - Italian
BBC - News
Robert Hall, "Piecing Together the Past" (March 2009).
BBC - News - Magazine - How Napoleon’s semaphore telegraph changed the world
BBC News - Health - “MPs say yes to three-person babies”
BBC News - Magazine - “Thankful villages: The places where everyone came back from the wars”
Article by Jon Kelly (11 November 2011)
BBC News - UK - Why Irish soldiers who fought Hitler hide their medals
By John Waite
BBC Schools - Vikings: Viking Settlements
BC Archives - Search Birth, Marriages & Deaths
BC Conference, United Church of Canada - Bob Stewart Archives
BC Land Title and Survey
(Beverley Davis) Jewish Burials Database
BDC - Start Your Business
Business Development Canada
BMD site for genealogists to share their UK Birth, Marriage, and Death Certificate information
Becoming Tasmania - Becoming a Penal Colony
Beekeeper Labs - Android App
Family Bee Mobile App
Behind the lines - Doing our bit, Mosman 1914-1918 - Project blog
Behind the Name
Behind the Name - German Names
Behind the Name - Surnames via Occupations
Belfast City Council
Registrar General of Northern Ireland
Belfast Family History .com
Belfast Newsletter Index 1737-1800
Belgium Mapped Out - War Cemeteries adn Memorials in Belgium
BellaOnline: The Voice of Women - Genealogy Site
Bendigo Historical Society
Benevolent Society - About - Celebrating 200 years
BentProp Project - Final Disposition of World War II Dead 1945-51
List of Graves Registration Books available online
Berecz-Central - Family History Tutorial for Historic Hungary
Ship’s Manifests for Entry to the Port of New York
Berkelouw Books
Berkshire Family History Society - Our Journal
Martyn Killion, “A Distant Shore”, Berkshire Family Historian (June 2002).
Berkshire Record Office - Berkshire’s Past - The Yellow Pages Archive
Berri Library & Information Centre
Beth Hatefutsoth - Jewish Genealogy
Bethany College
Bethel College
Bethlem Royal Hospital Archives and Museum Service
Beyond Bullet Points
Beyond Germanna
BGSU University Libraries - Newspapers: Finding Current and Historical Newspapers
Bible Records Online
Bibliographies of Northern and Central California Indians
Biblioteca comunale degli Intronati /Istituzione del Comune di Siena
Local Library in Sienna, Italy
Biblioteca Comunale di Como
Biblioteca Comunale di Palermo
Local Library in Palermo, Italy
Biblioteca Comunale di Trento
Town Library of Trento
Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec
Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec - Annuaires Lovell...
Annuaires Lovell de Montréal et sa banlieue (1842-1992) / Lovell directories of Montreal and its suburbs (1842-1992)
Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec - Archives des notaires...
Archives des notaires du Québec des origines à 1933 / Archives of notaries of Québec origins to 1933
Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec - Catalogue Iris
Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec - Centres d'archives
Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec - Collection numérique - Journaux
French page: Digital Collection - Newspapers
Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec - Collections - America, 1500-1800
Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec - Collections - Généalogie
Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec - Collections spéciales
Special collections
Bibliothéque et Archives Nationales du Québec - Digital collection - Newspapers
English page
Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec - Gazette officielle du Québec, 1869-1995
Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec - Guide...
"Guide des archives judiciaires" in PDF format.
Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec - Images
Includes digitized postcards
Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec - Journal, magazine and newspaper collection
Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec - La Grande Bibliothèque
Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec - PISTARD
Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec - Pistard Archives
Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec - Rapport de l'Archiviste...
Rapport de l'Archiviste de la province de Québec, 1920-1964
Bibliothèque Montréal - Nelligan Catalogue
Bibliothèque nationale de France - Periodicals - Le Siècle
Le Siècle was published in Paris, France 1836-1932. (New Zealand)
Bill Cole Enterprises
Archival supplies
Bill Lawson Publications
Croft Histories
Bill Martin’s Genealogy Pages - Connor & Coltson's Directory of the County of Ontario 1869-70
Bill Martin’s Genealogy Pages - Marriages Soleminzed by William Smart
Bill Martin's Genealogy Pages - Early Baptismal Register, Brockville
Bill Martin's Genealogy Pages - Early Ontario Records
Bill Martin's Genealogy Pages - Immaculate Heart of Mary Roman Catholic Church
Garden River, Ontario (1856-1934)
Bill Martin's Genealogy Pages - Parish Register of Brockville and Vicinity, 1814-1830
Bill Martin's Genealogy Pages - Wesleyan Methodist Baptisms
Binding Legacies
Binding Legacies - Know Your Audience
Article by Diane Dassow
Binding Legacies - Tell Your Story
Article by Diane Dassow
Binding Legacies - Writing Your Personal History is Good for You
Article by Diane Dassow
Bing - Bing Help - Country, region, and language codes
Bing - Maps
Bingley Arms - History of The Bingley Arms
Bio. - Nellie Bly Biography
Biographical Database of Australia
Biographical Directory of the United States Congress, 1774 - Present
Bismarck-Mandan Historical and Genealogical Society
URL Shortener
Black Cultural Centre for Nova Scotia
Black Loyalist Heritage Society
Black Pearl Tales - Port Royal and Tortuga~Pirate Havens
Black’s Law Dictionary First Edition
Black’s Law Dictionary Second Edition - Famous Cowboys… - Mary Fields
Blacksheep Ancestors
Blair Drummond Moss Census 1814
An Annotated Bibliography on Weblogs and Blogging, with a Focus on Library/Librarian Blogs.
Blogger Help Center - Blogging Genealogy: SEO
BlogTalkRadio - Search Results "Genealogy"
Blue Town, Sheerness, Kent, England One Place Study
The Official Non-Conformist and Non-Parochial BMDs Service
A database project for BMS records — births, marriages and deaths (burials or sepultures) — of 24 genealogical societies in Quebec.
BNet - Articles
Robert Tracy, "The Jews of Ireland" (Summer, 1999).
Board for Certification of Genealogists
Board for Certification of Genealogists - Analyzing City Directories
Kathleen W. Hinckley, "Analyzing City Directories," OnBoard 2 (May 1996): 16.
Board for Certification of Genealogists - BCG Resources on Key Skills
Board for Certification of Genealogists - BCG Webinars on Legacy Family Tree
Russell, Judy G., JD, CG, CGL, “Kinship Determination: From Generation to Generation,” 15 October 2014.
Board for Certification of Genealogists - Find a Genealogist
Board for Certification of Genealogists - Genealogist’s Code of Ethics
Board for Certification of Genealogists - Genealogy Standards Comparison Chart
Old versus New Standards
The BCG Genealogical Standards Manual to Genealogy Standards
Board for Certification of Genealogists - Genealogy Standards Comparison Chart
New versus Old Standards
Genealogy Standards to The BCG Genealogical Standards Manual
Board for Certification of Genealogists - Sample Work Products
Jones, Thomas W., “Merging Identities Properly: Jonathan Tucker Demonstrates the Technique,” National Genealogical Society Quarterly 88 (June 2000): 111-121.
Board for Certification of Genealogists - Sample Work Products
Mills, Elizabeth Shown, “Which Marie Louis Is “Mariotte”? Sorting Slaves with Common Names,” National Genealogical Society Quarterly 94 (September 2006): 183-204.
Board for Certification of Genealogists - Skillbuilding
Guidelines for Evaluating Genealogical Resources
Board for Certification of Genealogists - Skillbuilding: Analyzing and Reviewing Published Sources
Board for Certification of Genealogists - Skillbuilding: Analyzing Deeds...
Mills, Elizabeth Shown, CG, CGL, FASG, FNGS, FUGA, “Analyzing Deeds for Useful Clues,” OnBoard 1 (January 1995): 8.
Board for Certification of Genealogists - Skillbuilding: Analyzing Wills for Useful Clues
Mills, Elizabeth Shown, CG, CGL, FASG, FNGS, FUGA, “Analyzing Wills for Useful Clues,” OnBoard 1 (May 1995): 16.
Board for Certification of Genealogists - Skillbuilding: Citation Placement
Elizabeth W. Schmidt, "Citation Placement," OnBoard 6 (May 2000) : 14.
Board for Certification of Genealogists - Skillbuilding: Citing Your Sources
Mills, Elizabeth Shown, CG, CGL, FASG, FNGS, FUGA, "Citing Your Sources," OnBoard 1 (September 1995): 24.
Board for Certification of Genealogists - Skillbuilding: Data Analysis
Evans, Stefani, CG, “Data Analysis,” OnBoard 18 (May 2013).
Board for Certification of Genealogists - Skillbuilding: Focused Versus Diffuse Research
Thomas W. Jones, Ph.D., CG, CGL , "Focused Versus Diffuse Research," OnBoard 17 (September 2011).
Board for Certification of Genealogists - Skillbuilding: Good Genealogical Writing
Mills, Elizabeth Shown, CG, CGL, FASG, FNGS, FUGA, “Good Genealogical Writing,” OnBoard 4 (May 1998): 16.
Board for Certification of Genealogists - Skillbuilding: It’s Not That Hard to Write Proof Arguments
Barbara Vines Little, CG, “It's Not That Hard to Write Proof Arguments,” OnBoard 15 (September 2009): 20-23.
Board for Certification of Genealogists - Skillbuilding: Producing Quality Research Notes
Elizabeth Shown Mills, CG, CGL, FASG, FNGS, FUGA, "Producing Quality Research Notes," OnBoard 3 (January 1997): 8.
Board for Certification of Genealogists - Skillbuilding: Proof Arguments
Laura A. DeGrazia, CG, “Skillbuilding: Proof Arguments,” OnBoard 15 (January 2009): 1-3.
Board for Certification of Genealogists - Skillbuilding: The Genealogical Proof Standard
Jones, Thomas W., Ph.D., CG, CGL, FASG, FNGS, FUGA “The Genealogical Proof Standard: How Simple Can It Be?,” OnBoard 16 (September 2010).
Board for Certification of Genealogists - Skillbuilding: Transcribing Source Materials
Elizabeth Shown Mills, CG, CGL, FASG, FNGS, FUGA, "Transcribing Source Materials," OnBoard 2 (January 1996): 8.
Board for Certification of Genealogists - The Genealogical Proof Standard
Board of Certification for Professional Organizers
Boggo Road Gaol
Boise State University - Albertsons Library
Boissevain & Morton Regional Library - Community Archives
Book 2
Books on CDs for sale on Netherlands or Dutch related subjects. Books are mostly in Dutch with some in English.
Book Collectors’ Society of Australia - School Histories: A Bibliophilic Challenge
Bookplate Society
Books Live - Blog - From the Diaries of Women During the Anglo-Boer War...
Extracts from Angels of Mercy by Chris Schoeman
Books We Own
Look-Up Resource for International Genealogical Research
Boolean Searching in the Databases and on the Internet
A Primer in Boolean Logic
Borthwick Institute for Archives
Boston Pilot
Boston Public Library - Central Library
Boston University - School of Theology
Boulder Genealogical Society - Online Archives
Bouvier Law Dictionary
Bouvier Law Dictionary, revised 6th edition (1856) online
Boy Scouts of America
BPlans - Business Planning Guide
This resource has valuable information regardless of where you live.
Bplans - How-to - How to write a business plan
U.S. business plans and tools
Brabants Historisch Informatie Centrum
The genealogical and historical centre for the province of North Brabant.
Ukraine Gateway
Brandon University - S.J. McKee Archives
Brantford Public Library
Brantford Public Library - Genealogy Web Sites
Brantford Public Library - Library Board & Management Team - BRBs Free Resource Center
Bremen Passenger Lists (the Original)
Bremen Passenger Lists 1920-1939
Bribie Island U3A
BRIC - Community Media
Brigham Young University
Brigham Young University - Center for Family History and Genealogy - Basic Portuguese Paleography
Brigham Young University - Center for Family History and Genealogy - English Script Tutorial
Brigham Young University - Center for Family History and Genealogy - French Record Extraction
An Instructional Guide
Brigham Young University - Center for Family History and Genealogy - German Script Tutorial
Brigham Young University - Center for Family History and Genealogy - Italian Script Tutorial
Brigham Young University - Center for Family History and Genealogy - Script Tutorials
Brigham Young University - Center for Family History and Genealogy - Spanish Script Tutorial
Brigham Young University - FEEFHS Quarterly Volume 6
See “A Lesson on East European Names,” by Daniel Schlyter (FEEFHS Quarterly, Volume VI, Numbers 1-4, pp. 79).
Brigham Young University - Harold B. Lee Library
Brigham Young University - Religious Education - Religion 261
Brigham Young University - Research Log
Brigham Young University Hawaii - Joseph F. Smith Library
Brigham Young University Idaho - David O McKay Library
Brigidine Sisters
Brill - Hermann/Londoner Zeitung, 1859-1914
London German weekly
Brisbane City Council - Brisbane City Archives
Bristol & Gloucestershire Archaeological Soc. - Historical Gazetteer of Cheltenham
Britannia History
Britannia History - Timeline of British History
British 1820 Settlers to South Africa
British Armed Forces and National Service
British Army 1790-1856 in the Australian Penal Colonies
British Association for Cemeteries in South Asia
British Association for Local History
British Cartographic Society - Directory of UK Map Collections
British Colonist Online Edition: 1858-1910
British Columbia - GeoBC - BC Geographical Names Search
British Columbia Adoption Reunion Registry
British Columbia Archives - British Columbia Newspapers on Microfilm
British Columbia Archives - Government Records Catalogue - Canada Immigration Branch
Central Registry of the Immigration Branch of the Dept. of the Interior (western immigration)
British Columbia Archives - Search BC Archives - Deaths
British Columbia Archives - Vital Events Index
British Columbia Cemetery Finding Aid
British Columbia City Directories 1860-1955
British Columbia Genealogical Society
British Columbia GenWeb
British Columbia Medical Association
British Columbia Ministry of the Attorney General - Court Registry
British Columbia Synod Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada
British Columbia Vital Statistics Agency
British Columbia Vital Statistics Agency - Fee Schedule
British Columbia Vital Statistics Agency - Genealogy Resources for British Columbians
British Columbia Vital Statistics Agency - Records Under the Adoption Act
British Columbia Vital Statistics Agency - Vital Statistics Agency Application Forms
British Empire - The Indian Mutiny
British Geological Survey - BGS Library Map Collections
British History Online
British History Online - Scotland - Maps (Ordnance Survey)
British History Online - Victoria County History - Wiltshire
A History of the County of Wiltshire: Volume 14, Malmesbury Hundred - Parishes: Brinkworth
British History Online - Victoria County History - Wiltshire
A History of the County of Wiltshire: Volume 14, Malmesbury Hundred - Parishes: Brinkworth
British Home Child Group International
British Home Children
British Home Children Advocacy & Research Association
British Home Children in Canada - Maria Rye
British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa
British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa - Home Children-Introduction
British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa - Middlemore Home Children Index Search
British Isles Family History Society-USA - Guide to British Isles Research
British Library
British Library - ActivePaper Archive
British Library - Antiquarian Mapping
British Library - Asian & African Studies Reading Room
British Library - British Library Newspaper Collections
British Library - British Newspapers Archive
British Library - Collection guides - UK electoral registers
British Library - Early Indian Newspapers
British Library - Explore The British Library
British Library - German-Language Newspapers and Journals Published in London Since 1810
British Library - Help for Researchers - British Newspaper Archive
British Library - Help for Researchers - Cartographic research online
British Library - Help for Researchers - India Office Records and Private Papers
British Library - Help for Researchers - Jaffray Collection
British Library - Help for Researchers - Oral History: Links
British Library - India Office Family History Search
British Library - India Office Private Papers: Introduction
British Library - India Office Records - India Office Private Papers: Scope and Catalogues
British Library - India Office Records and Private Papers
British Library - Learning - Dreamers and Dissenters - The Newgate Calendar
Information on Newgate Prison.
British Library - Learning Mapping History - Insurance Plan of City of London, 1886
British Library - Manuscript Collections
British Library - Maps
British Library - News media - Collection guides
British Library - Projects - National Life Stories
British Library - Taking Liberties - Star Items - Booth’s poverty map of London
British Military History - Documents - Regiments of the British Army
British Military lists
British Monarchy - The Royal Archives
British Newspaper Archive
British Record Society
British Red Cross
British Red Cross - About us - Who we are - History and origin - First World War volunteers
British Red Cross - About us - Who we are - Museum and Archives
British Settlers in Natal: 1824-1857
Shelagh Spencer’s homepage
Brodart - Archival Supplies
Brooklyn Public Library - Brooklyn Daily Eagle 1841-1902 Online
Broome Museum (Broome Historical Society)
Brothersoft - Permulation Software
Brú Ború Heritage Centre
British South Africa Police regimental site - BSA Police History - Chronology
BT - About BT - Our history - BT Archives
BT - The Phone Book
Buddhism in America
Buddhist Association of the United States
Buffalo Bill Historical Center - McCracken Research Library Digital Collections
Plains Indians Collection, Western Heritage Collection
Bukovina Society of the Americas
BulgariaGenWeb Project - Quick Start Guide
Buncombe County North Carolina - Register of Deeds
Bureau of Land Management
U.S. General Land Office
Bureau of Land Management - Alaska
Bureau of Land Management - California
Bureau of Land Management - General Land Office Records
Bureau of Land Management - Oregon/Washington
Bureau of Land Management - State Resources
Bureau of Land Management - Wyoming
Bureau of Land Management - Wyoming - National Historic Trails Interpretive Center
Burgess and Electoral Rolls
Burke's Peerage and Gentry
Burke's Peerage and Gentry - Scotland Articles & Resources
Burma Star Association
Burstows Funeral Care
Bury Museum and Library Supplies
Business Archives Council
Business Archives Council - Useful Links - Business Archive Specific
Business Gateway
Business Insider - The Greatest Economic Collapses in History - What planning tools can help me?
Butler Center for Arkansas Studies
BYU - Reseach Outline: Scotland
BYU Dept of History & Center for Family History & Genealogy - Script Tutorial - German Documents
Old German Script Tutorial
BYU Family History Library - Print Forms & Research Helps
Free charts from Brigham Young University
BYU Harold B. Library Digital Collections - Encyclopedia of Mormonism
“Pioneer Settlements in Idaho”
BYU Idaho - Special Collections & Family History
Birth, Marriage and Death in western United States
BYU Idaho - Special Collections & Family History - Western States Marriages
Western States Marriages Search Form
C.A. Starke Verlag
CAARA - Child Migrants: Accessing records held by Commonwealth and State Archives
Council of Australasian Archives and Records Authorities
Caboolture News - Other sites within ARM network
Cabrini Children's Society
Cactus 2000 - French Conjugation
French conjugation of the verbs.
Calcutta High Court
Caleb Johnson’s
Calendars Through The Ages - British Calendar Act of 1751
Calgary Catholic Pastoral Centre Library
Calgary Public Library - Community Heritage and Family History
Calgary Public Library - Postcards From the Past
California Courts - California Judicial Branch
California Department of Parks and Recreation - The California Missions Trail
California Department of Public Health
California Digital Newspaper Collection
California Genealogical Society & Library
California Genealogy - How to Research Mining Claims
California Historical Society
California Historical Society - The California Gold Rush
California Libraries Catalog
California Mission Resource Center
California Mission Studies Association
California Native American - Short Overview of California Indian History
California Pioneer Project
California Spanish Books - Historia de los italianos en la Argentina
Spanish-language book on Italian Argentinian history.
California State Archives
California State Archives - The Historical Records of County Government in California
California State Assembly Office of the Chief Clerk
California State Assembly Office of the Chief Clerk - California State Assembly Journals
California State Association of Counties
California State Association of Counties - California County History
California State Genealogical Alliance
California Research Aid
California State Genealogical Alliance - A-Files Release/Tom Lantos Research Center
California State Lands Commission
California State Library
California State Library - California Genealogy Resources
California State Library - California Newspapers on Microfilm
California State Library - Discover our Collections
California State Library - Gold Rush - Exploring the California Gold Rush
California State Military Museum - Spanish and Mexican California: The Presidios of Alta California
California State University, Chico - Meriam Library - Historical Maps - California Indians Historic Timeline
Calitri Connections - Italian Occupations
Cambridgeshire Family History Society
Cambridgeshire Family History Society - CFHS Searchable Databases
Camden History
Camp Fire
Campbelltown Public Library - Career
See the guide "Starting a Business."
Canada Business Network
Canada Department of Justice - Central Registry of Divorce Proceedings
Canada Gazette
Canada History
Canada in the Making - Maps & Images
Canada Justice Laws - Copyright Act
Canada Post
Canada Revenue Agency - Forms and publications listed by topic
Topics--Non-profit organizations (NPO)
Canada’s Historic Places
Canada’s Historic Places - The Buildings of Canada
A guide to pre-20th-century styles in houses, churches, and other structures
CanadaGenealogy, or, ‘Jane’s Your Aunt’ - Canada, 1916
Canada, 1916 - Taking The Census in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba
CanadaGenWeb Project - OntarioGenWeb - Frontenac County GenWeb - Probate Index 1858-1891 - 1783 Studholm Report - Projet GenWeb du Québec
Canada's Anglo-Celtic Connections
Canada's Aviation Hall of Fame
Canada's Digital Collections
Canadian Adoptees Registry Inc.
Canadian Adoptees Registry Inc. - Government Links & Forms
Canadian Archival Information Network - Networks
Canadian Archival Information Network - Search Archives
Canadian Association for the History of Nursing - Guide to Canadian Nursing Archival Resources
Canadian Association of Genetic Counsellors
Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Québec
Canadian Baptists of Western Canada
Canadian Centre for Home Children
Canadian Century Research Infrastructure - Sixth Census of Canada 1921
Instructions to Commissioners and Enumerators
Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops
Canadian Council of Archives
Canadian Council of Archives - Archives Canada
Canadian Council of Archives - Directory of Archives
Canadian Council of Archives - Provincial/Territorial Councils/Associations
Canadian Council of Archives - Rules for Archival Description
Canadian County Atlas Digital Project
Canadian Encyclopedia, The
Canadian Expeditionary Force 1914-1919
Official history of the Canadian Army in the First World War, by Colonel G. W. L. Nicholson; available in PDF format on the National Defence website.
Canadian Friends Historical Association
Canadian Funerals Online
Canadian Funeral Guide and Directory of providers.
Canadian Genealogy & History Links
Canadian Genealogy Resources
Canadian Geographic - Historical Maps of Canada
Canadian Headstones
Canadian Heritage Gallery
Canadian Heritage Information Network
Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies
Canadian Intellectual Property Office
Canadian Intellectual Property Office - Copyright
Canadian Jewish Heritage Network - Family History/Genealogy
Canadian Methodist Historical Society
Canadian Military Heritage Project
Canadian Museum of History - Mail-order Houses
Canadian Museum of History - Presenza
This website contains a bibliography to resources about Italian Canadians .
Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 - “Italian Immigration at Pier 21”
Article by Carrie-Ann Smith in PDF format
Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 - Italian Trunk - History
Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 - Research - Our Collections - British Home Children
Canadian National Exhibition - CNE Facts & History
Canadian Obituary Links
Canadian Oral History Association
Canadian Pacific - Our history
Canadian Patents Database
Canadian Tree - Alberta
Canadian Virtual War Memorial
Monuments and memorials to military personnel who died in the service of their country.
Canadian War Brides
Canadian War Museum
Monuments and memorials to military personnel who died in the service of their country.
Canadian War Museum - Democracy At War: Canadian Newspaper & the Second World War
Canadiana - Canadiana Discovery Portal
Canadiana - Héritage Project
Canadiana Discovery Portal - Early Canadiana Online
Canberra History
Canberra & District Historical Society
Canberra History Web
Canberra History Web - Convicts
Canberra Times - Tributes & Celebrations - Celebrations
CanGenealogy - Historical Newspaper
CanGenealogy - Hugh Armstrong's Genealogy Site
Questions asked on the 1861 census of Ontario
CanGenealogy - Hugh Armstrong's Genealogy Site
Questions asked on the 1871 census of Ontario
CanGenealogy - Hugh Armstrong's Genealogy Site
Questions asked on the 1891 census of Canada
CanGenealogy - Newfoundland and Labrador - Hugh Armstrong's Genealogy Site
Index to Canadian Parliamentary Divorces 1826-1946
Canterbury Museum
Cape Cod Gravestones
Capeflier - Mark’s story - The search for my roots
Capital Collections
Edinburgh libraries, museums and galleries
Carberry Plains Archives
Cardamina Verlag
(in German, English and French)
Cardinal Tomás Ó Fiaich Memorial Library & Archive
Cardoza Electronic Law Bulletin - Il Codice Civile Italiano
Italian Civil Code; Current-day, in Italian
Carey Theological College
Carlisle Indian Industrial School - Secondary Sources
Carmichael Worldwide Genealogy
Free online databases
Carnamah Historical Society & Museum
Carol Baxter Author, Genealogist, Historian, Speaker
Carol’s Taglines
Caron Collection
Carpathian Connection
Carpatho-Rusyn Genealogy Web Site
Carpatho-Rusyn Knowledge Base
Carpatho-Rusyn Society
Carr McLean - Archival Supplies
Cartes historiques canadiennes - Cartes des origines ethniques des Canadiens, 1901
CAS - Science Connections - The Not-So-Mad Hatter: Occupational Hazards of Mercury
CASA - Surnames as a quantitative resource
Geography of British and Anglophone Surnames
Casa Italia
Cascade Brewery
Cascades Female Factory Historic Site
Cascades Female Factory Historic Site - Surgeons Journal of the Female Convict Ship
“New Grove” Between 24th November 1834 and 1st April 1835"
David Thomson - Surgeon
Cascading Style Sheets Tutorial
Casefile Clues
Casefile Clues for Beginners
Caslon Analytics Note Official Registers - Births, Deaths, Marriages
Cassini Historical Maps
New York Immigration Center 1820 to 1892 - Search
Castlemaine Historical Society
Catholic Archdiocese of Adelaide - Archives & Records Services
Catholic Archdiocese of Adelaide - Biographies of deceased clergy
Catholic Archdiocese of Edmonton
Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne - Melbourne Diocesan Historical Commission
Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne - Researching Catholic History-Information Sheet
Catholic Archdiocese of Perth
Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney - History of the Archdiocese - Archive
Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney - Our Religious Communities
Catholic Archives of Texas
Catholic Archives of Texas - Texas Catholic Historical Society
Catholic Australia
Catholic Australia - Religious Orders
Catholic Children's Society (Westminster)
Catholic Church in England and Wales
Catholic Church in Germany
Catholic Church in Tasmania - Archdiocese of Hobart - Archives
Catholic Diocese of Jefferson City
Catholic Diocese of Sioux Falls
Catholic Diocese of Spokane - Archives - Roman Catholic
Catholic Information Network - Differences and Similarities
Catholic Information Network - Eastern Church
Catholic Information Network - What's An Eastern Rite Catholic?
Liturgy as practiced by Eastern Catholics
Catholic Near East Welfare Association - Eastern Christian Churches
Catholic Near East Welfare Association (CNEWA)
Catholic Parish Registers at the NLI - Help
Catholic Religious Australia
Catholic Religious Australia - About Us - Member Congregations - Dioceses
CBC - The Nature of Things - Secrets in the Bones - The Hunt for the Black Death Killer
Backgrounder: Bubonic Plague
CBERS Consultancy
Christian Brothers institutions. See the link to the Archived Site.
C-BERS Services - PHIND
Christian Brothers Ex-Residents & Student Services. Personal History Index for former child migrants to catholic homes in Australia 1938-1965.
Celebrations of Life - Ethical Will Examples
CELT - Corpus of Electronic Texts
Online resource for Irish history, literature and politics. A project by the History Department, University College Cork.
Celtic Cousins
A Little Bit of Ireland — this website provides an interesting extract of Co. Limerick Poll Tax Collectors of the late 1600s.
Celtic Cousins - Slater's Directory of Ballina, Co. Mayo (1846)
Celtic Cousins - Slater's Directory of Ballinasloe, Co. Galway (1846)
Celtic Cousins - Slater's Directory of Clifden, Co. Galway (1846)
Celtic Cousins - Slater's Directory of Ennis, Co. Clare (1856)
Celtic Cousins - Slater's Directory of Gort, Co. Galway (1846)
Celtic Cousins - Slater's Directory of Killala, Co. Mayo (1846)
Celtic Cousins - Slater's Directory of Loughrea, Co. Galway (1846)
Celtic Cousins - Slater's Directory of Rathkeale, Co. Limerick (1846)
Cemetery Junction - Online Directories
Cemetery Photos
Cengage Learning - The Enduring Vision - Technology and Culture
Chapter 18-Flush Toilets and the Invention of the Nineteenth-Century Bathroom
Census Finder
A directory of free census records.
Census Finder - Ireland Census Records
A collection of links to extant Irish census records.
Census Finder - Scotland
Census Finder - United Kingdon Census Records
Census of the Commonwealth of Australia, 1911 - Dwellings
Census of the Northwest Provinces, 1906
Census Online
Census Online - Links
Census Tools
Spreadsheets for Census Data
CensusFinder - California Census Records
CensusFinder - Census Records in Canada
Center for Basque Studies University of Nevada, Reno - Research
Center for Coaching Certification
Center for Genetics and Society - 3-Person IVF
Center for Jewish History
Center for Jewish History - Archival Finding Aids
Center for Jewish History - CJH Catalog
Center for Jewish History - Overview of Partner Collections
Center for Jewish History - Who We Are
Center for LifeLong Learning and Design - This History of the Automobile
Center for Pacific Northwest Studies - Collections Catalog
Center for Research - Allied POWS Under the Japanese
Center for Research Libraries - International Coalition on Newspapers
Center for Restoration Studies
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Model State Vital Statistics Act and Regulations
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Where to Write for Vital Records
Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People Jerusalem
Central Bureau for Genealogy [Centraal Bureau voor Genealogie - CBG]
The Dutch information and documentation center for genealogy, family history and related sciences.
Central Connecticut State University - Elihu Burritt Library
Central District Lutheran Missouri Synod
Central Intelligence Agency - Library - Publications - The World Factbook
Central Methodist University - Smiley Memorial Library
Central Michigan University - Clarke Historical Library - Aladdin Company of Bay City
Central Queensland Family History Association
Centre de documentation de la Société historique Nicolas-Denys
Centre de documentation et d'etudes madawaskayennes
Centre de protection et de réadaptation de la Côte-Nord
Centre d'études madawaskayennes
Centre du patrimoine - About Us - La Société historique de Saint-Boniface
Centre for Acadian Studies - Université de Moncton
Centre for Indigenous Family History Studies
Centre for Indigenous Family History Studies - Queensland Aboriginal Genealogy Sources
Queensland Hospital and Medical Records - Leprosy Queensland 1940-1946
Centre for Mennonite Brethren Studies
Centre jeunesse Chaudière-Appalaches
Centre jeunesse de l’Estrie
Centre jeunesse de la Mauricie et du Centre-du-Québec
Centre jeunesse de la Montérégie
Centre jeunesse de l'Abitibi-Témiscamingue
Centre jeunesse de Laval
Centre jeunesse de Montréal
Centre jeunesse de Québec
Centre jeunesse des Laurentides
Centre jeunesse du Bas-Saint-Laurent
Centre jeunesse du Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean
Centre jeunesse Gaspésie/Les Îles
Centres de la jeunesse et de la famille Batshaw
Centres jeunesse de Lanaudière
Centres jeunesse de l'Outaouais
Centro Altreitalie - “Brazil through Italian Eyes: ...”
“Brazil through Italian Eyes: The Debate over Emigration to São Paulo during the 1920s,” article by David Aliano. A good online reference for Italian immigration to Brazil. - Lifecycle Events
Chambre de Généalogistes Professionnels
Chambre des notaires du Québec
Chambre Syndicale des Généalogistes et Héraldistes de France
Champlain Society
Champlain Society Digital Collection
Change Detect
Charles Booth Online Archive
Charles Sturt University - CSU Regional Archives & University Arts Collection - Regional Records
Charles Sturt University - The Crimean War & Australia’s Communications & Media History
Chateauguay County GenWeb
Chernivtsy University
Cheshire Archives & Local Studies - Wills Database
Cheshire BMD
Cheshire Index Initiative
Chester County, Pennsylvania - Probate, Estate and Guardianship Records
Chicago Cultural Alliance
Chicago Family History - Military Monday-American Battle Monuments Commission
Chicago Genealogical Society
The Chicago Genealogical Society was begun in 1967 as a not-for-profit educational organization devoted to collecting, preserving and perpetuating the records of our ancestors, and to stimulate an interest in all people who contributed in any way to the establishment of Chicago and its surrounding area.
Chicago History Museum
Extensive local history collection covers the range of the city's life, and whose Prints and Photographs collection of more than 1.5 images is one of the largest image collections in the United States, representing the history of the Chicago metropolitan area from the early 19th century to the present, as well as American history before 1865.
Chicago History Museum - Online Resources
Holds an important collection of the Chicago Daily News, 1902-1933.
Chicago Italian Genealogy Resources - Searching the Italian Town Database in One Step
Chicago Public Library
Has a very strong genealogy collection.
Chicago Writers Association
Chickasaw Historical Research Page - Partial 1818 Chickasaw Census Roll
Chiesa Cattolica Italiana [Italian Catholic Church]
Chiesa Evangelica Valdese
Union of the Methodist and Waldensian Churches
Child Migrants Trust
Children of Fort Langley - Fur Trade Fort Links
China Historical GIS
Chippewa County Genealogical Society - Canada (General Links)
Chris Pomery: DNA & Family History
Christchurch City Libraries - Christchurch City Council Cemeteries Database
Christchurch City Libraries - Emigration to Canterbury: Shipping Lists 1856-1874
Christchurch City Libraries - New Zealand Family History
Christchurch City Libraries - New Zealand Family History - Employment Resources
Christchurch City Libraries - New Zealand Family History - Hospitals, Orphanages and Charitable Aid
Christian and Missionary Alliance
Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
Christian Church Today
Christian Churches and Churches of Christ
Christian Israelite Church
Christian Methodist Episcopal Church
Christianity Today - Islam, USA: Are Christians prepared for Muslims in the Mainstream?
Article by Wendy Murray Zoba; April 3, 2000.
Christine’s Genealogy - 1915 Census of the Seminole Indians of Miami
Christuab Science
Chron - Small Business - What is Marketing Mix?
Article by Thomas Ferraioli
Chronologie de l'histoire du Québec
Chronology of British History
Church of Christ
Church of England
Church of England - A Church Near You
Database of Church of England parish churches in England
Church of God
Church of God in Christ
Church of Ireland
Church of Ireland - About - RCB Library - Genealogy
Church of Ireland - About - RCB Library - Online Parish Records
Church of Ireland - About - Representative Church Body Library
Church of Ireland - RCB Library - Anglican Record Project
Church of Ireland - RCB Library - List of Parish Registers
Church of Ireland College of Education
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints - Articles of Faith
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints - Church History
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints - Church History - Mormon Pioneer Overland Travel
LDS Church Membership Card Index 1847-1868
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints - Church History Library
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints - Church News
"FamilySearch Unites with Italian Archive Organization to Digitize Civil Registration Records" by Melissa Zenteno, 15 June 2012.
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints - Divine Guidance
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints - Family History
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints -
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints - Online Store
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints- Language List
Church of the Brethren Network - Brethren Groups
Church of the Brethren Network - Churches
Church of the Brethren Network - Migration Trails
Church of the Nazarene
Church records of the Lutheran Church of Hannover
Churches Conservation Trust
Churches of Christ
Churches of Christ - Who Are the Churches of Christ?
Brisbane Church of England Grammar School
Churchie Old Boys’ Association
Circle of Life
Personal profile for genealogist Jean Wilcox Hibben
Citing Records in the National Archives of the United States
Citizenship and Immigration Canada
Records from 1 January 1936 are still in the custody of Citizenship and Immigration Canada.
Citizenship Records
Citrix - GoToMeeting
Citrix - GoToWebinar
Città di Firenze - Anagrafe, stato civile e cittadinanza - Certificati
Citta di Lucca - Anagrafe Office
City of Lucca Demographics/Population Statistics Office
City & Borough of Juneau - Inventory of Historic Sites & Structures City & Borough of Juneau, Alaska
City and County of Swansea - Cambrian Index Online
City Directories - Undertakers
City Directories of the United States of America
City Maps of Slovakia
City of Charles Sturt - Library
City of Chicago - Commission on Chicago Landmarks
Your House Has a History: A Step-by-Step Guide to Researching Your Property
City of Edmonton - Municipal Cemeteries
City of Kingston - Kingston Historical Website - At the Front in South Africa: Boer War
[Victoria, Australia]
City of Kingston Historical Website
City of Kingston Historical Website - Melbourne Benevolent Asylum Comes to Cheltenham
City of Lawton Oklahoma - Lawton Public Library - Family History Room
City of London - Diocese of London Consistory Court Wills
City of London - Libraries and Archives
City of London - Lloyd’s List marine news 1740-1837
City of London Corporation
City of Melbourne - i-Heritage database
City of Onkaparinga - Libraries
City of Ottawa Archives
City of Port Lincoln - Library
City of Regina Archives
City of Saskatoon Archives
City of St. John’s Archives - City Archives Holdings
City of Sydney
City of Sydney - Catalogues and search tools
Guide to Sydney City Street Names
City of Sydney - City Archives
City of Sydney - Old Sydney Burial Ground
City of Sydney Archives - Archives Investigator
City of Sydney Archives - Historical Atlas of Sydney
City of Sydney Archives - Sands Sydney Directory
City of Tea Tree Gully - Library
City of Toronto Archives
City of Toronto Archives - City Directories
Description of their city directory holdings with selected facsimiles.
City of Toronto Tax Assessment Transcription Project
City of Unley Library - Library Services
Free transcriptions for Adelaide district registers only.
City of York & District Family History Society - York Assizes 1785-1851
An index to records held in York Reference library of prisoners brought to trial at York Assizes 1785-1851
Civil War Reenactment HQ
Civilian Defense Museum - Civil Defense History Page
Claim a Convict
Clan Corrigan - Irish Emigration (Mary Johnston)
Clan Societies
Clan Young Society
Clan Young Society - Young Y-DNA Project
Clans of Ireland
Clare & Gilbert Valleys Council - Library
Clare & Gilbert Valleys Council - Riverton History Centre
Clare County Library
Clare County Library - Index to Biographical Notices in the Clare Champion, 1935-1985
Clare County Library - Online Records
Clare Heritage & Genealogy Centre
Clare Journal (1810-1821)
Clare Journal of 1797 to 1803
Claremont Colleges Digital Library - Matrimonial Investigation Records of the San Gabriel Mission - Phillipp Dietmann, piano factory founder - Canada
ClassyArts - Identifying and Dating Historic Photographs
Clayton Library Friends
Cleveland Clinic - Center for Continuing Education - Publications - Occupational Lung Disease
Cleveland Public Library - Cleveland Necrology File
Cleveland State University - The Cleveland Memory Project
Ethnic Women of Cleveland Oral History Project
Clipart Directory
Clogher Historical Society
Genealogy research assistant software
Clooz - The Unique Composite View
Cloud County Genealogical Society
CMC Record Project
CNIB - Accessibility Consulting
CNN - Cholera Fast Facts
Co. Clare Men in Favour of Union Between Britain and Ireland" dated 26th September 1799
Coalmining History Resource Centre
Coastguards of Yesteryear
Codeweavers - Crossover Mac
Codification of the Statute Law of Georgia
Coldingham One-Place Study
Colin Robinson - Care and Conservation of Old Photographs
Collect Britain
Collections Australia Network
College & Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta
College of Arms
College of Nurses of Ontario
College of Pharmacists of British Columbia
College of Pharmacists of Manitoba
College of Physicians & Surgeons of Manitoba
College of Registered Nurses of Manitoba
College of Registered Nurses of Nova Scotia
Colonial Archives database
Colonial Forces Study Group (Qld)
Colonial Williamsburg Foundation
Colorado Department of Agriculture - Centennial Farms Program
Colorado Historic Newspapers Collection
Colorado Historical Society
Colorado School for the Deaf and the Blind, 1874-1883
Colorado State Archives
Colorado State Archives - Corrections Records - Colorado State Penitentiary Prisoner Index 1871-1973
Colorado State University Libraries - Searching Effectively Using AND, OR, NOT
Interactive Boolean Search Tutorial
Columbia University Libraries - Copyright Advisory Office - Fair Use Checklist
Comanche Timeline
Combined Arms Research Library Digital Library - Field Orders
Combined Arms Research Library Digital Library - World War II Operational Documents
Comité des Archives de la Louisiane
Commission de toponymie Québec - Banque de noms de lieux du Québec
Commissioner of State Lands, State of Arkansas
Commissioners or Collectors of the tax
Common sense media - Skrappy-Scrapbook & Photo Album for Digital Scrapbooking
Common Threads
Commonwealth Bank - Commonwealth Bank Archives - Summary Guide
Commonwealth Bank - History
See Documentation and Archives Centre
Commonwealth Games Federation
Commonwealth Network - Tourism
See British Universities Accommodation Consortium
Commonwealth of Massachusetts - Senate Bill No. 959
Commonwealth War Graves Commission
Commonwealth War Graves Commission - Find War Dead
Communities of Alsace
Community Archive
Community Media Center
Carroll County, Maryland
Community Media Center of Marin
Community of Christ
Official website
Free download of Comodo Internet Security
Compagnies et soldats du Le Régiment Carignan-Salières
Companies House
Comparative Law Society's German Law Archive
Comparing Windows Genealogy Software Programs
Compendium of the World's Passenger Ships
Comune di Bologna - Servizio di certificazione on line
Comune di Reggio Emilia - Richiesta di certificati storici
Comune di Santa Ninfa [Town of Santa Ninfa] - Italian Cities and Towns
Useful website for town and provincial addresses and maps
Concordia Lutheran Seminary - Library Information
in Edmonton, Alberta
Concordia Lutheran TheologicalSeminary
in Saint Catharines, Ontario
Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation
Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation
Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs
Confederation Centre Public Library
Confederation of Associations of Families Acadian
Conference Keeper
Conference of Manitoba & Northwestern Ontario, United Church of Canada
Congregational Library
Connacht Clans - [Irish] Ships Lists
Connaught Journal of Co. Galway
Connected Worlds - History in Transnational Perspective
Connected Worlds - History in Transnational Perspective - Migration and Other Voyages
Connecticut Genealogy - New Haven County Military Records
Connecticut Historical Society
Connecticut Newspaper Project
Connecticut Society of Genealogists
Connecticut State Library
Connecticut State Library - About
Connecticut State Library - Barbour Collection of Connecticut Vital Records
Connecticut State Library - Charles R. Hale Collection
includes the Hale Collection of Connecticut Cemetery Inscriptions, the Hale Collection of Newspaper Marriage and Death Notices, ca. 1750-1865, a collection of Newspaper Abstract Volumes, and the Veterans' Deaths Index.
Connecticut State Library - Connecticut’s “Early General Records”
Connecticut State Library - Research Guide to Naturalization Records
Connecticut State Library - Research Guide to Revolutionary War Sources
Connors Genealogy - Ireland Civil Registration Registras’ Districts
Conoly/Conoley - Genealogy Forms
Conservation OnLine (CoOL)
Conservation Resources
Consolidated Jewish Surname List
Consortium of University Research Libraries (CURL)
Constant Contact
Consumer Reports
Convention Industry Council
Convict Female Factories
Convict Records of Australia
Convict Ships - Medical Journals - 1816-1867
Convict Stockade - The Second Fleet Transports - Lady Juliana
Convict Trail: Caring for the Great North Road - Aboriginal History Wars: The Benefits of Admitting Guilt - Convict Escape Attempts - Descriptions of Convict Life
ConvictCreations.Com - History - Pelmuwuy [sic]
Convicts to Australia
Cook Memorial Public Library District - Mail Order Houses in Libertyville [Illinois]
Academic and National Library Catalogue - Danish Church-A Brief History
Copies of Access to Information Request Forms
Copies of Access to Information Request Forms and Personal Information Request Forms
Copyblogger - 6 Essential Steps to Writing a Killer Press Release
Copyblogger - Blog
Lloyd J. Jassin, "Fair Use in a Nutshell: A Roadmap to Copyright's Most Important Exception"
Lloyd J. Jassin, "Working with Freelancers: What Every Publisher Should Know About the 'Work for Hire' Doctrine"
Lloyd J. Jassin, "New Rules for Using Public Domain Materials"
"Electronic Publishing Rights: An Interview with Lloyd J. Jassin"
Copyright Board of Canada
Copyright Council of New Zealand
Copyright Crash Course - Fair Use of Copyrighted Materials
Copyright Licensing Agency Ltd.
United Kingdom
Copyright Term and the Public Domain in the United States
CoraWeb - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders
CoraWeb - Birth, Death and Marriage Records-Australia
Australian Registry addresses and certificate costs.
CoraWeb - Cemetery Records - Australia
CoraWeb - Family History and Historical Societies in Australia
CoraWeb - Local History Resources in Australia
CoraWeb - Medical Terms
CoraWeb - Occupations
CoraWeb - Occupations in Australia
CoraWeb - Shipping-Passenger Lists-Australia
CoraWeb - Ships’ Crew, Information, Movements, Pictures and Shipwrecks
Corel - PaintShop Pro
Cork Ancestral Archive & Genealogical Research
Cork City and County Archives
Cork County Library & Arts Service - Family History Booklet
Walking in the Footsteps of your Ancestors: A beginner's guide to family history in Cork by Eileen O'Brien
Cork Genealogical Society
Cornell University - Albert R. Mann Library - Arkansas farm research
Cornell University - Making of America
Cornell University - Mann Library - Hearth - Good Housekeeping
Cornell University - Mann Library - Hearth: Home Economics Archive
Cornell University - Olin Library - Maps and Geospatial Information
Land Ownership Maps: A Guide to Olin Library Holdings
Cornell University - The 1911 Triangle Factory Fire
Cornell University Law School - Berne Convention ...
...for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works (Paris Text 1971)
Cornell University Law School - Legal Information Institute
Resources include U.S. Code, Federal Rules, State law resources, State statutes by topic, Wex legal encyclopedia, and much more.
Cornell University Library - Guides for Archival & Manuscript Collections - Labor History
Cornell University Library - Making of America
Cornell University Library - Newspaper Indexes in Olin Library--U.S.: Introduction
Cornell University Library Digital Collection
Cornish Association of NSW
Cornish Association of Queensland
Cornish Association of South Australia
Cornish Association of Victoria
CAV has several branches including Ballarat, Bendigo, Geelong and Melbourne
Cornwall Heritage Trust - Industry in Cornwall
Cornwallis Ships to Halifax, 1749
Coroner Case File Documentation Wiki
Coroners Court of Victoria
Corps History Book
Correctional Service Canada - Abolition of the Death Penalty 1976
Council for the Advancement of Forensic Genealogy
Council for the Advancement of Forensic Genealogy - CAFG Forensic Genealogy Blog
Council for the Advancement of Forensic Genealogy - Credential
Council for the Advancement of Forensic Genealogy - Resources
CAFG Newsletters, Links to Bar Associations, Probate Codes, Laws, Expert Testimony articles, Contingency Fee articles, and more.
Council for the Advancement of Forensic Genealogy - Standards of Practice and Conduct
Council of Archives New Brunswick
Council of Irish Genealogical Organisations
Council of Nova Scotia Archives
Council of Nova Scotia Archives - ArchWay
Council of State Archivists
Council of State Archivists - State Archives Collections Online
Council on American Islamic Relations
Country & Language Specific Search Engines
Country Press Association of S. A. Inc.
Country Press Australia Inc
Country Press Australia Inc. - Australian Capital Territory
Country Press Australia Inc. - New South Wales
Country Press Australia Inc. - Northern Territory
Country Press Australia Inc. - Queensland
Country Press Australia Inc. - South Australia
Country Press Australia Inc. - Tasmania
Country Press Australia Inc. - Victoria
Country Press Australia Inc. - Western Australia
Country Press New South Wales Inc.
County and City of Cork Directory for 1875/76
County Archive Research Network
County Kerry Genealogy - 1901 Census
County of Elgin Women’s Institutes - Tweedsmuir Histories
County Roscommon Heritage & Genealogy Company
County Sligo Heritage & Genealogy Centre - International Genealogy Festival 2004
County Sligo Heritage and Genealogical Centre
County Wexford Heritage and Genealogy Society
Court Division Codes & Court Location Codes
Court of the Lord Lyon
Court Statistics Project - State Court Structure Charts
Courts Administration Authority of South Australia
Courts Administration Authority of South Australia - Probate Registry
Courts Administration Authority South Australian - Wills
Courts of British Columbia
Courts of Nova Scotia - Nova Scotia Supreme Court Family Division
Courts of Saskatchewan
Courts of Saskatchewan - Wills and Estate - Judicial Branch of Indiana
Courts.US - Hawaii State Courts - The Hawaii Judiciary
CPHA - History of Public Health
Creative Commons
Creative Commons - About The Licenses
Creative Commons - Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported
Creative Commons - Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International
Creative Commons [Canada]
Creative Continuum
Creative Guerrilla Marketing - What is Guerrilla Marketing?
Creative Spirits - How to name Aboriginal people?
Creative Writing Prompts
Creek Indian Researcher
CREM@online - Archivio storico del Comune di Crema
A town in the Golden Triangle of Victoria's Goldfields in Australia
Crew List Index Project
Crew of Jacques Cartier, Second Voyage, Spring 1535
Crime & Punishment in Canada
Crimean War Veterans in Western Australia
Croatia - Croatian Glagolitic Script
Croatian Genealogy & Family History
Crofting Commission
Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Service - Queen’s & Lord Treasurer’s Remembrancer
Culture Victoria - Stories - A Diverse State - Memories from a Soldier Settlement
Cumberland County Nova Scotia GenWeb
Cumberland Presbyterian Historical Library and Archives
Cunard Heritage
Family history, genealogy and local history links for the UK and Ireland.
CuriousFox US
Current Value of Old Money
Custodian 4 for family historians
Software for family historians
Customer Owned Banking Association - Friendly Societies of Australia
Abacus Australian Mutuals
Cute PDF Writer
CW&S Parkinson Genealogical Storage
CYMRU 1914
Cyndi’s List
Cyndi’s List - Adoption
Cyndi’s List - Australia
Cyndi’s List - Austria / Österreich
Cyndi’s List - Baltic States: Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania
Cyndi’s List - Blogs for Genealogy
Cyndi’s List - Canada - Manitoba
Cyndi’s List - Canada - Military
Cyndi’s List - Canada » Provinces » Newfoundland and Labrador
Cyndi’s List - Canada » Provinces » Quebec
Cyndi’s List - Canadian Census
Cyndi’s List - Catholic
Cyndi’s List - Cemeteries & Funeral Homes
Cyndi’s List - Census Worldwide
Cyndi’s List - Citing Sources
Cyndi’s List - Czech Republic & Slovakia
Cyndi’s List - Databases - Lineage-Linked
Cyndi’s List - Databases: Searchable Online
Cyndi’s List - Directories: City, County, Address, etc.
Cyndi’s List - Directories: City, County, Address, etc. » General Resources
Cyndi’s List - Diseases
Cyndi’s List - DNA, Genetics & Family Health » Locality & Ethnic Specific
Cyndi’s List - East European
Cyndi’s List - Eastern Europe
Cyndi’s List - Eastern Europe - Mailing Lists, Newsgroups & Chat
Cyndi’s List - Eastern Europe - Societies & Groups
Cyndi’s List - Eastern European Mailing Lists
Cyndi’s List - Ellis Island
Cyndi’s List - Evernote for Every Genealogist
Cyndi’s List - Family Bibles
Cyndi’s List - FAQs-Frequently Asked Questions
Cyndi’s List - Female Ancestors
Cyndi’s List - Female Ancestors - Societies & Groups
Cyndi’s List - Finding People
Cyndi’s List - GEDCOM
Cyndi’s List - Genealogy Home Page Construction Kit
Cyndi’s List - Genetics, DNA & Family Health
Cyndi’s List - Germany / Deutschland
Cyndi’s List - Germany / Deutschland » Societies & Groups
Cyndi’s List - Googling For Your Grandma
Cyndi’s List - Grand Army of the Republic
Cyndi’s List - Help from Others
Cyndi’s List - Hiring a Professional Genealogist
Cyndi’s List - House & Building Histories
Cyndi’s List - How Personal Home Pages are Indexed
Cyndi’s List - Huguenot
Cyndi’s List - Immigration, Emigration & Migration
Cyndi’s List - Internet Genealogy
Cyndi’s List - Internet Genealogy - Researcher Beware: There Is No Such Thing!
Cyndi’s List - Internet Genealogy » Cyndi's Soapbox
Cyndi’s List - Jewish
Cyndi’s List - Jewish - Records
Cyndi’s List - Land Records, Deeds, and Homesteads, Etc.
Cyndi’s List - Language & Translation
Cyndi’s List - Language, Handwriting & Script
Cyndi’s List - LDS & Family History Centers
Cyndi’s List - Magazines, Journals, Columns & Newsletters
Cyndi’s List - Maps & Geography
Cyndi’s List - Marriages & Divorce
Cyndi’s List - Medical & Medicine
Cyndi’s List - Mennonite
Cyndi’s List - Migration Routes, Roads and Trails
Cyndi’s List - Money
Cyndi’s List - Names
Cyndi’s List - New Zealand
Cyndi’s List - New Zealand - Professionals, Volunteers & Other Research Services
Cyndi’s List - Newspapers
Cyndi’s List - Obituaries
Cyndi’s List - Occupations
Cyndi’s List - Organizing Your Research
Cyndi’s List - Orphans
Cyndi’s List - Personal Research
Cyndi’s List - Planting Your Family Tree Online
Cyndi’s List - Poland / Polska
Cyndi’s List - Ports of Departure
Cyndi’s List - Ports of Entry
Cyndi’s List - Preservation & Conservation » Publications, Software & Supplies
Cyndi’s List - Professionals, Volunteers & Other Research Services
Cyndi’s List - Queries, Message Boards & Surname Lists
Cyndi’s List - Railroads
Cyndi’s List - Religion & Churches
Cyndi’s List - Religion & Churches » Libraries, Archives & Museums
Cyndi’s List - Scotland
Cyndi’s List - Ships & Passenger Lists
Cyndi’s List - Social Networking for Genealogy
Cyndi’s List - Societies & Groups - Ethnic Organizations
Cyndi’s List - Societies & Groups - Fraternal Organizations
Cyndi’s List - Societies & Groups - General
Cyndi’s List - Societies & Groups » Lineage Societies
Cyndi’s List - Societies & Groups Index
Cyndi’s List - Software & Computers
Cyndi’s List - Surnames, Family Associations & Family Newsletters » Surname DNA Studies & Projects
Cyndi’s List - Taxes
Cyndi’s List - Timelines
Includes an entire categorized listing of timelines, as well as resources to explore, particularly with specific ancestors, groups, and geographic areas.
Cyndi’s List - Timelines » General Resources
Cyndi’s List - United States » Arkansas
Cyndi’s List - United States » Iowa
Cyndi’s List - United States » Kansas
Cyndi’s List - United States » Nebraska
Cyndi’s List - United States » North Dakota
Cyndi’s List - United States » North Dakota
Cyndi’s List - United States » Oklahoma
Cyndi’s List - United States » South Dakota
Cyndi’s List - United States » U.S. Census
Cyndi’s List - United States » U.S. Courts & Courthouses
Cyndi’s List - United States » U.S. Library of Congress
Cyndi’s List - United States » U.S. Military
Cyndi’s List - United States » U.S. National Archives
Cyndi’s List - United States » U.S. State Level Records Repositories
Cyndi’s List - Video & Audio
Cyndi’s List - What's New
Cyndi’s List - World War II
Cyndi’s List - Writing Your Family’s History
Cyndi’s List United States - United States » Missouri
Cyndi's List - Germany / Deutschland » Societies & Groups
Cyrillic Alphabet
Cyrillic Charset Soup
Cyrillic Software
For drawing family pedigrees and managing pedigree data.
Czech & Slovak American Genealogy Society of Illinois
Czech & Slovak Toolkit
Czech Cemetery Gravestones
Czech Census Searchers - Regional Archives
Czech Genealogy for Beginners
Czech Genealogy for Beginners - Most Common Czech Surnames
Czech GenWeb
Czech Passenger Lists
Czech Republic Mailing Lists
Czech/Slovak organizations
Czechoslovak Genealogical Society International
Czechoslovak Genealogical Society International - Archive Listing
Czechoslovak Genealogical Society International - Books
Czechoslovak Genealogical Society International - Links
Czechoslovak Genealogical Society International - Professional Researchers
Czechoslovak Society of Arts & Sciences (SVU)
Czechs in America, The
By George Kovtun, Czech Area Specialist, European Reading Room, The Library of Congress.
Czeckoslovak Society of Arts & Sciences - Czeckoslovak Americana on the Net
D’ - Australia
D’ - Italian Genealogy Home Page
D’ - Society Hill Directory
A listing of genealogical and historical directories.
D' - Directory of Cemeteries...
Directory of cemeteries in the United States, Canada and Australia.
D' - Italian Genealogy Home Page
D' - Obituary Depot
Over 340,000 transcriptions worldwide with thousands added each week.
D' - Passenger Ship Arrivals
D' - United States
Daily Mail Online
Dakota Wesleyan University - McGovern Library
Dakotas Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church
Dakotas Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church - About Us - Archives
Dallas Public Library
Daly House Museum - Magnacca Research Centre
Dalziel Barn
Damn, I Wish I’d Thought of That
Dane County [Wisconsin] Government Register of Deeds - Military Discharge Papers (DD214s)
Danish American Archive and Library
Danish Emigration Archives
Danish Emigration Archives - Information
Danish Family Search
Danish Immigrant Museum
Danish Immigrant Museum - “G is for (Danish) Genealogy–An Alphabet of Genealogical Terms”
Danish Immigration to America: Introduction
By Lee V. Douglas, Local History & Genealogy Reading Room.
Danish State Archives
[English page]
Danish State Archives - Danish Names
Danish State Archives - Danish National Archives
Danish State Archives - Genealogical Dictionary
Danish State Archives - Parish Records
Danish State Archives - Provincial Archives of Funen
Danish State Archives - Provincial Archives of Northern Jutland
Danish State Archives - Provincial Archives of Southern Jutland
Danish State Archives - Provincial Archives of Zealand
Danish State Archives - Styles of Handwriting
Danish-English Dictionary of Some Genealogy and Cemetery Words, Phrases, and Abbreviations
Danish-Prussian Wars 1848-51 and 1864
Dansk Center for Byhistorie
History of Towns in Denmark
Dansk Demografisk Database - Censuses
Dansk Demografisk Database - Probate Index: Thisted, Viborg, Aalborg, & Randers Counties
Dansk Demografisk Database [Danish Demographic Database]
Darjeeling Himalayan Railway Society
Darkmatter - ‘Liberty or Life!’: The Convict Pirates of the Wellington
Dartmouth College Library - Dartmouth During World War Two
Das Bundesarchiv
German Federal Archives
Das Telefonbuch [Telephone Directory of Germany]
Data Marine’s War Brides
Data Tree Publishing - Ireland Tithe Defaulters 1831
Datenbank Kirchenbuch Pommern / Database Church Directory Pomerania
Daughters of the American Revolution
Daughters of the American Revolution - DAR Library
Daughters of the American Revolution - Genealogical Research System
Dave Kristula - Web Hosting Tutorials - Using Hexadecimal Color Codes
Dave Obee - Federal Voters Lists 1935-1979
Dave Obee - Researchers’s Guide to the Manitoba Surrogate Court Probate Applications
David A Knight - GedView
David Archer Maps
David Hart’s Webpage - The Anzac Book
Written and Illustrated in Gallipoli by The Men of Anzac
David Parker - Baptist Church Archives, Qld. - A Guide
David Parker - Baptist Heritage-Queensland
Baptist Historical Society of Queensland
David Pike’s Home Page - DNA Comparison Utilities
David Rumsey Map Collection
Collections of digitized historical maps.
David Rumsey Map Collection - Images of Nebraska
David Rumsey Map Collection - Images of North Dakota
Dawes Commission Index, 1896
Dawes Commission Index, 1898-1914
Dawson City Museum and Historical Society
Dead Person’s Society, Melbourne
Dead Persons’ Societies
DeadPersons' Society - Towns and Localities in Western Australian Registration Districts
Deakin University - Soldier Settlement after World War One in South Western Victoria
DearMYRTLE - “INTERESTED in actually joining Second Life?”
DearMYRTLE - “What’s a DearMYRTLE Workshop Webinar©?”
DearMYRTLE's Family History Hour Genealogy Podcast
Death and Burial Record of Cattarina Ferrari
Deb’s Delvings in Genealogy
Debbie Parker Wayne’s blog
Debrett's Peerage [and Baronetage]
Deceased Online
Decisions of the Nineteenth Century Tasmanian Superior Courts
(Point Puer) R. v. Sparks and Campbell
Deddington OnLine
Parish of Deddington, Oxfordshire
Defending Victoria
Defending Victoria - Reading Room
Anglo-Boer War Study Group
Dictionary of Educational History in Australia and New Zealand
DEHANZ - Free, compulsory and secular Education Acts: Australia, 1850-1910
By Craig Campbell
Delano Kindred
Delaware Historical Society
Delaware Public Archives
Delaware Public Archives - Digital Archives
Delaware Public Archives - Online Guide to the Collections
Delaware Public Records Search
At the Hall of Records.
Delaware State Courts
Delhi Archives
deListed Australia
Delphi Forums
Deltawerken Online
Details about major floods that have affected the Netherlands
Demografisk Databas Södra Sverige [Demographical Database for Southern Sweden]
Denmark Portal - The Danish Birth Certificate “Jelling Stones” - History - History - Factsheet Denmark
Denver Public Library
Department of Defense - Defense Prisoner of War Missing Personnel Office
Service Personnel Not Recovered Following WWII
Department of Justice Canada - Access to Information Act
Department of Justice Canada - Copyright Act
Department of Social Protection - General Register Office (GRO) Research Facility
der Genealoge - Familienforschung für die Ohren
[The Genealogist - Family Research for Your Ears]
Deron’s Data Pages - Most Common Nicknames for First Names
Derry City & Strabane District Council - Archive & Genealogy
Descendants of Mexican War Veterans
Desert Column - Light Horse Militia in Australia from 1903-14
Design and Art Australia Online
Det Kongelige Bibliotek - Dansk Kvindebiograpfisk Leksidon online
Danish Women’s Biographical Dictionary Online
Detroit Public Library - Burton Historical Collection
Detroit Society for Genealogical Research
Deutsche Biographie
(in German)
Deutsche Bischofskonferenz - Dioceses and Diocesan Towns
German Bishops' Conference
Deutsche Post
Devon County Council - Devon Record Office
Devon County Council - Parish Register List
Devonport City Council - History of Devonport
dhistory - QueryPic
Di2.NU - Kipling eBooks collection - Something of Myself
by Rudyard Kipling
Diagrama Foundation
Catholic Children’s Society (Southwark) or Cabrini Society is now merged with Diagrama Foundation
Diamond Way Buddhist Centers
DIAPPAM Documenting Ireland: Parliament, People and Migration
Diary of Samuel Pepys
Dick Wåhlin Blogger on Family History and Also Some Other Stuff Too
Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships
Dictionary of Ancient Occupations and Trades
Dictionary of Canadian Biography
Dictionary of Occupational Titles Index
Dictionary of Scottish Architects 1660-1980
Dictionary of Sydney
Dictionary of Sydney - Castle Hill Convict Rebellion 1804
Dictionary of Sydney - Sydney Water
Dictionary of Sydney - The School of Arts movement
by Catherine Freyne (2010)
Dictionary of Sydney - Water
Dictionary of the Scots Language
Dictionnaire: définitions subjectives dans R de Réel, Volume D
BIANCHI, Laetitia. Dictionnaire: définitions subjectives dans R de Réel, Volume D, juillet- août 2000, (Dec 2005)
Die Ahnenstammkartei des Deutschen Volkes
Die MAUS - Family History and Genealogical Society of Bremen
Bremen Passenger Lists
Die Pommerschen Leute
“The Pomeranian People”
Digger History
Digger History - Aussies in the Russian Revolution
Digger History - Aussies in the Spanish Civil War 1936/39
Digger History - Boer War - Aussies in the Canadian Scouts
Digger History - Boer War - Colonial Contingents in the Boer War (2nd Anglo-Boer War)
Digger History - Conflicts - Invading the Middle Kingdom
Digger History - Conflicts - The AIF & NZEF in the Great War
Digger History - Conflicts - The Contingent of Handy Men
Digger History - Conflicts - World War II, WW2, Second World War
Digger History - Conflicts & periods - The British Army in Australia
Digger History - Conflicts & periods - The Queensland Defence Force; History & Units 1859-1911
Digger History - Conflicts/Malaya - Indonesian Confrontation 1964-65
Digger History - Conflicts/Malaya - Malaya Emergency 1955-60
Digger History - Conflicts/Other - The Crimean War 1854/56 and Australian Involvement
Digger History - Conflicts/Others - Afghanistan
Digger History - Conflicts/Others - British Commonwealth Occupation Force
Digger History - Conflicts/Others - East Timor (INTERFET)
Digger History - Conflicts/Others - Iraq; the unseating of Saddam Hussein
Digger History - Conflicts/Others - Operation Agila/Operation Midford
“The British Empire’s Last Sunset”
Digger History - Conflicts/Others - Somalia - Operation Iguana & Operation Solace
Digger History - Conflicts/Others - The Gulf War 1990-91
Digger History - Conflicts/Others - The inside story of the (1st) battle for Fallulah, IRAQ
Digger History - Conflicts/Others - The Royal Australian Regiment in Korea
Digger History - Conflicts/Others - Those Sudan days
Digger History - Conflicts/Others - Vietnam - Royal Australian Regiment
In Vietnam
Digger History - Conflicts/Others - Vietnam War 1962-72
Digger History - Conflicts/Period - The Eureka Stockade & the Gold-fields
Digger History - The Egyptian Rebellion 1919
Digger History - The Enemy - The North Vietnamese Army (NVA) and the Viet Cong (VC): “Charlie”
Digging in the Dirt: The Search for My Roots
Digital Archives of Cedar Rapids Public Library - Newspaper Archives
Digital Archives State Regional Archives Třeboň
Digital Atlas of Idaho
Mining, geography, county information, history timeline, Native Americans, Oregon Trail, Lewis and Clark Trail
Digital Book Index - Food: Historical Cookbooks
Digital Copyright Slider
Digital Dialects
Digital Forensic Investigator News
Digital History - Explorations Japanese-American Internment
Digital Librarian
Digital Library of Appalachia
Digital Library of India
Digital Public Library of America
Digital Public Library of America - Help - Tutorials & Introductory Videos
Digital South Asia Library - The Imperial Gazetteer of India
Digitalarkivet - How to Trace Your Ancestors in Norway
[Digital Archive]
Digitale Stamboom
Database of collections for archives located in Delft, Eemland, Eindhoven, Haags and Rotterdam.
DigitalNZ - Biography
Digiteeritud Eesti Ajalehed
Estonian newspapers 1821-1944
Diocesan Archives of Lodi
Diocese of Bismarck [Catholic]
Diocese of Brandon, Synod Office
Diocese of Cheyenne - Parish History
Catholic Church histories and contact information
Diocese Of Down & Connor
Diocese of Fargo [Catholic]
Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph [Catholic] - Diocesan Archives
Diocese of Kerry
Diocese of Little Rock - History of the Diocese of Little Rock [Catholic]
Diocese of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island
Diocese of Qu’Appelle - Archives and Records
Diocese of Qu'Appelle and Saskatoon
Diocese of Rapid City [Catholic]
Diocese of Saskatchewan - Archives
Anglican Church of Canada
Diocese of Saskatoon
Diocese of Yakima
Roman Catholic
Diocesi di [Diocese of Pavia]
DionfobbY hi everyone
Direct Line Software - DeedMapper
Direct Resources - C19th Trades Directories
Directgov - Adoption Records
DirectGov - Find Your Original Birth or Adoption Record
Adoptions application forms and details
DirectGov - Order Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates
Download application forms for ordering certificates
DirectGov - Researching Family History Using Official Records
Directions des Archives de France
Archives of France.
Directory of Archives in Australia
DIS- Computer Genealogy Society of Sweden
DIS Computer Genealogy Society of Sweden - Central Soldiers Register
DISBYT Finland
Disciples of Christ Historical Society
Disciples of Christ Historical Society - Congregational Materials on Microfilm
Disciples of Christ Historical Society - Index to The Christian Record
Discover Holland
Discover Ireland
Discover Ulster-Scots Centre
Discover Your Ancestors
Discovering American Women’s History Online
Discovering Anzacs
Discovering Family History
Discovering Shropshire’s History
Discovery Bay - Historic Whaling Station
Albany, Western Australia
Discriminating General - History and Uniform of the Compagnies franches de la marine, 1683-1760
DIS-Norge [Genealogy Society of Norway - DIS] - City Directories
A free online archive of city directory records and scanned images. - Native American Genealogy Resources - by Tribe - Native American Genealogy Resources - Iroquois
Distinguished Women of Past and Present
District Council of Mount Barker
District Council of the Copper Coast - Kadina Community Library
District of Columbia Office of Public Records
District of Columbia Public Library
Ditsong - National Museum of Military History
Ditsong - National Museum of Military History
Division of Vital Statistics, Department of Social Services & Community Health
Divorce Referendum Results
1995 Divorce Vote Results of Ireland
DIY Formatting and Layout Guidelines
Harvard Book Store
Digital document format viewer
Deutsch-Kanadische Gesellschaft / German-Canadian Society
Dmoz Open Directory Project
Dmoz Open Directory Project - Ireland - Guides & Directories
Dmoz Open Directory Project - Jewish
Dmoz Open Directory Project - Resources
DNA Collection Method
DNA from the Beginning - Concept 17: A gene is made from DNA
DNA Learning Center - Biology Animation Library - Gel Electrophoresis
DNAeXplained – Genetic Genealogy
Roberta Estes’ blog
DoChara - Understanding Irish Land Divisions
Doctor HTML
Doctors Manitoba
Doctors Nova Scotia
Documenting the American South
Documenting the American South - A Diary From Dixie
Mary Boykin Miller Chesnut, 1823-1886
Documenting the American South - Acts of the General Assembly ...
Acts of the General Assembly of the State of Georgia Passed in Milledgeville at an Annual Session in November and December, 1863
Docusearch Investigations
Dodecad Ancestry Project
DoHistory - Martha Ballards' Diary Online
DoHistory - Step-by-Step Guide to Oral History - V. Bibliography
Doing our bit, Mosman 1914-1918
Dokumentasjonsprosjektet - Oluf Rygh: Norwegian Farm Names
Domesday Book Online
Donegal Ancestry
Donegal Genealogy Resources - Donegal Relief Fund Passenger Lists
Doukhobor Genealogy Website
Doukhobor Genealogy Website - Guide to Doukhobor Census Records
Down County Museum
Down County Museum - Prisoners - Free Slideshow Maker - Free Slideshow Maker
Doyle Page, The
Article: "Wild Geese" Irish Soldiers in Exile
Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes - Women Who Run with the Wolves
Dr. Watson
Drents Archief
The Drenthe province archives.
Drents ArchiefNet
A guide to the holdings of the various municipalities, water councils and provincial archives for Drenthe.
Drouin Genealogical Institute
DSLR Video Shooter - My Key Light Gear for Filming Interviews
Dubbo & District Family History Society
Dublin 1850
Dublin City Archives
Dublin City Council - Dublin City Public Libraries
See the Dublin & Irish Collections
Dublin City Council - Dublin City Public Libraries
See Dublin and Irish Collections - Book and Manuscript Collections - The Gilbert Collection
Dublin City Council - Libraries and Archive
Dublin City Council - Libraries and Archive - Heritage Databases
Dublin City Public Libraries & Archive - Online Library Catalogue
Duct Tape Marketing
Duke University Libraries - Sallie Bingham Center
Civil War Women: Primary Sources on the Internet
Duke University Libraries - Search Resources
William R. Perkins Library
Duke University Libraries - The Civil War: Women and the Homefront: Getting Started
Duke University Library - United States Census Materials 1800-1910
Dumfries & Galloway Council - Archives - Historical Indexes
Dumfries and Galloway Council - 1851 Census
Dumfriesshire, Kirkcudbrightshire and Wigtownshire
Dumfries Archival Mapping Project
Dun Laoghaire Heritage and Genealogy
Dún na Si Amenity & Heritage Park - Westmeath Genealogy
Dunedin City Council - A Guide to Family History Sources at the Dunedin City Council Archives
Dunedin City Council - Archives
Dunkard Brethren Church
Durham University - University Library - North East Inheritance Database
Pre-1858 Durham Probate Records
DuSable Museum of African American History
Provides exhibits, programs, and reference services for visitors and patrons.
Dutch Census 1795-1971 (Volkstellingen 1795-1971)
Statistical information from the various census records
Dutch Genealogy
Dwight D. Eisenhower Library - U.S. Army: Unit Records, 1917-1950
Early American Church Denominations
Early American Trails and Roads
Migration site which includes textual descriptions and, in some cases, map sketches.
Early Canadiana Online
Early Canadiana Online - Our Boys Under Fire, or, New Brunswick...
Our Boys Under Fire, or, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island Volunteers in South Africa
Early Canberra
Early Ontario Records - Bill Martin Website
Early-Modern Palaeography - Short Bibliography
Earth Point - Township and Range - Search By Description
Tools for Google Earth
East European Genealogical Society
East Galway Family History Society
East Galway Family History Society
East India Company Ships
Eastern European Slovak and Carpatho-Rusyn Genealogy Research Pages
Eastern Goldfields Historical Society
Eastern Laws and Customs
Eastern Rite Catholics
Eastern Slovakia Genealogy Research Strategies
Eastern Slovakia Slovak and Carpatho-Rusyn Genealogical Research
Eastern Townships Research - Map
Eastern Townships Resource Centre
EastEuropeGenWeb Project
Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter
Easy Thumbnails Software
e-Catholic 2000 - “History of the Catholic Church”
Edgefield County, South Carolina Wills, Books 1-2 [1836-1853]
Edgehill Theological College
Edgehill Theological College - Edgehill Library
(hosted by Edinburgh University Data Library)
Edina - Statistical Accounts of Scotland
Edinburgh - Planning and building - Planning applications - Historical planning records
Edinburgh Dean of Guild Court
Edinburgh Gazette
Edit Smarter with Larry Jordan
Editor & Publisher Interactive Online Newspaper Database - Europe in 1570
Edraw - Edraw Max Pro
Edraw - Free Mind Mapping Software
EDs for the 1930 Census in One Step
EDSITEment - Mapping Colonial New England
Education Scotland - Scots and Australia - Convicts
Effective Language Learning
eGold - Immigration and Ethnicity: Overview
eGSSA Documents - Documents
eGSSA Library - Gravestones in South Africa
eHealth Saskatchewan - Genealogy Index Searches
eHealth Saskatchewan - Vital Statistics
eHealth Saskatchewan - Vital Statistics - Order a Certificate
eHealth Saskatchewan - Vital Statistics: Introduction
eHive - Toitū Otago Settlers Museum
Digital version of the Fourth Statistical Account of East Lothian
Eleanor Roosevelt House and Center at Val-Kill
eLearning Industry - TOP 10 FREE Timeline Creation Tools for Teachers
Elections New Zealand - History of the Vote - The Right to Vote - Antiquarian Scottish Books in Adobe Reader Format - Canadian History - Identifying the Highland Scots
Nineteenth century immigrants in Nova Scotia - Online Scottish Books - Scottish and Irish Clans & Families - Scottish Books and Articles about Scotland
electronic Irish Statute Book
Electronic Journal of Australian and New Zealand History - Land of Hope
Soldier Settlement in the Western District of Victoria 1918-1930
Electronic Publishing and the Potential Loss of First Serial Rights
By Ivan Hoffman
A specialized search engine that searches historical newspaper archives worldwide.
Elks of Canada
Ellis Island - History
Ellis Island - The Peopling of America
Ellis Island Database Name Permutations
Ellis Island Database Tips
by Megan Smolenyak
Ellis Island Genealogy
Ellis Island (New York) immigrant database 1892-1924.
Elon University - Imagining the Internet - 1830s-1860s-Telegraph
ELTE Department of Cartography & Geoinformatics - 3rd Military Mapping Survey
of Austria-Hungary
EmbassyWorld - Maps of Sweden
eMelbourne - Health & Well Being - Sewerage
eMelbourne - Urban Environment - Light and Power
Emigration out of Schleswig-Holstein, 19th century
Emma Jolly Genealogic Blog - The Urban Genealogist on Holiday...
The Clive Collection at Powis Castle, Wales
Tipu Sultan - The Invention of the Light Bulb: Davy, Swan and Edison
Encyclopædia Britannica
Encyclopedia Britannica - Evangelical Lutheran Church of Denmark
Encyclopedia Britannica - Flying Shuttle
Encyclopedia Britannica - Sir Henry Bessemer
Encyclopedia of Arkansas History & Culture
Encyclopedia of Australian Science
Encyclopedia of Chicago - Great Migration
Encyclopedia of Genealogy
Encyclopedia of Saskatchewan
Encyclopedia of Women & Leadership in Twentieth-Century Australia
Encyclopedia of Women & Leadership in Twentieth-Century Australia
Grace Margaret Wilson (1879-1957)
Eneclann - The Quagmire of Administrative Districts
England & Wales 1901 Census Index
England’s North East - Coal & Industry - Introduction to Coal Mining and Railways in the North East
English & Welsh unitary authorities
English Civil War Society
Military-related heritage society.
English Heritage
English Heritage - Your Home’s History
English Heritage View Finder
English Index to Gàidhlig air an Lìon
English Individuals in New York City Almshouse
English Record Offices and Archives on the Web
English Trade Directories of the 19th Century
English-Czech Dictionary
English-Danish / Danish-English Dictionary
English-Finnish / Finnish-English Dictionary
English-Latin / Latin-English Dictionary
English-Norwegian / Norwegian-English Dictionary
English-Swedish / Swedish-English Dictionary
Entrepreneur - 10 Laws of Social Media Marketing
Article by Susan Gunelius
Entrepreneur - Direct Mail
Entrepreneur - Good Work Plus These Three Steps Converts New Customers Into Recurring Customers
Article by Sam Madden
Entrepreneur - How to Pull Off a Guerilla Marketing Campaign
Eötvös University, Department of Cartography and Geoinformatics - Hungarian Maps
OsztrĂĄk-Magyar Monarchia vĂĄrmegyĂŠi (Old Hungarian County maps)
EPA Event Planners Association
Eparchies (Dioceses)
ePaveldas - Virtual Electronic Heritage System
ePaveldas: Roman Catholic Records Online
Lithuania “How to” Guide, Intermediate Level: Instruction
For online reviews of field gear
Ephemera Society
Ephemera Society of America
Ephemera Society of America - About Us
Ephemera Society of Australia Inc.
Episcopal Church USA, Episcopal Church Center
Episcopal Diocese of Nebraska
Episcopal Diocese of Olympia - Archives
Episcopal Diocese of South Dakota
Episcopal Diocese of Spokane - History and Archives
ePodunk Canada - The Power of Place
eReference Desk - US State History Timelines - Alberta Birth, Marriage & Death Certificates
Alberta’s Online Registry Service - Guide and application for Alberta vital statistic documents.
Erica's Adventures in Genealogy
Erie Canalway
Espresso Book Machine
Essex County Ontario GenWeb site
Essex Record Office
Esther Clark Wright Archives
Estonian Historical Archives - "What Is Islam?"
Article by Gary Leazer, 9 October 2001, Section: Columns on World Religions. - Buddhism in the United States
James Browning, "Buddhism in the United States", Nov 2002.
Ethio Helix
Ethnic-German: PALATINES Mailing List
European Dictionary
Euratlas: History and Geography of Europe
Eureka Australiana Books
EuroDocs: Online Sources for European History - Netherlands
Digitized versions of primary historical documents regarding the Netherlands that are maintained by the Brigham Young University Library.
Eurogenes Genetic Ancestry Project
European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages
European Emigration
European Library
European Library - Search Newspapers
European Roots Genealogy
Evangelical Central Archives in Berlin
Evangelical Church in Germany
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America - Archives