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Research: Irish Ancestors
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The course Research: Irish Ancestors is an introduction to the first two centuries of family history research in Ireland, covering both Northern Ireland, which remains part of Britain, and the Republic of Ireland (Eire), which has been independent since 1922. The emphasis is in doing the research yourself from wherever you happen to live, rather than merely covering the resources available in Ireland. Irish records are available worldwide if you know where to look, and this course will show you where they are and how to utilize them.

Consideration is given to the difficulties inherent in Irish research, key items in Irish history and geography and to emigration (the Irish diaspora). Major original sources covered are civil registration, census (including substitutes where this is lacking), church registers and probate. These are followed by discussions of the usefulness of occupational records, locating research already done or in progress and a brief guide to resources for planning a genealogy research trip to Ireland. Addresses of Irish archives, family history societies and websites are given and the course contains a bibliography and handy forms to use for key resources.


Research: Irish Ancestors

  • How Difficult Is Irish Research?
  • Major Texts
    Irish History
    Irish Geography
  • Administrative Subdivisions
  • County Index Maps
  • 6" O.S. Townland Maps
  • Gazetteers

    WEEK 2

    Civil Registration Of Birth, Marriage & Death
  • Availability of Civil Registration
  • Using the Indexes
  • Births
  • Marriages
  • Deaths
  • Yearly Addenda
  • Obtaining Certificates
  • Using Films At FHC
  • Using Request for Photocopies Form
  • Republic of Ireland
  • Northern Ireland
  • Cheapest Method to Obtain Certificates
  • Information Given on Certificates
  • English Sources for Irish Civil Registration

    WEEK 3

  • What the Census Returns Show
  • Street Indexes for 1901
  • Searching the Census Film
  • Finding the District, Parish and Family
  • Census Dates
  • Recording
  • Extra Helps With Census
  • Alternatives to Censuses
  • Abstracts
  • Church Registers & Vestry Minutes
  • Claims for Old Age Pensions
  • Griffith''s Valuation Lists
  • National Schools Registers 1850-1950
  • Parish Histories
  • Return of Owners of Land 1876
  • Spinning Wheel Survey 1796
  • Tithe Surveys 1823-1837
  • Workhouse Records
    Church Registers
  • Finding the Right Parish
  • Church of Ireland (Anglican)
  • Roman Catholic Church
  • Presbyterian Church
  • Availability of Church Registers
  • Calendar Changes in 1752
  • Phonetic Spellings
  • Monumental Inscriptions

    WEEK 4

  • Survival of Probate Materials
  • Wills & Administrations 1536-1857
  • Wills & Administrations 1858-1920
  • Wills & Administrations 1858-1920
  • Deeds & Settlements for Land 1708-1929
  • Wills & Administrations in England 1858-1957
  • What if the Will Does Not Survive?
  • Further Reading
    Locating Research Already Done Or In Progress
  • Published Family Histories
  • Locating Other Researchers
    Genealogy Trip To Ireland
  • Irish Archives
  • Irish Genealogical Project and Heritage Centres
  • Family History Societies
    Useful Forms


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