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Research: Grandmothers, Mothers & Daughters-Tracing Women
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Our female ancestors played significant roles in history. Yet, researching and writing about the women in our families can be a daunting task. If you have hit a brick wall in the quest to find information about your female ancestors, this course covers strategies and key sources to assist you with your research and show you how to document “her” story.

Course Content

Module 1

Why are Females so Difficult to Trace?
Guidelines for Researching a Woman’s History
First Steps: Developing a Solid Research Strategy
Research Diagram

Start with Home and Family Sources
  • Brief Checklist of Home and Family Sources
  • Diaries, Letters, and Photographs
  • Clothing/Heirlooms/Jewelry/Keepsakes
  • Recipes and Traditions

    Keeping Track of Your Data
    Five Strategies for Finding Female Ancestors

    Module 2

    Locating Maiden Names in Public Sources
    Vital Records
  • Marriage Records
  • Marriage - Not Just a Ceremony
  • Divorce Records

    Verify Details with Other Vital Records
  • Birth Records
  • Death Records
  • Obituaries
  • Cemetery & Burial Records
  • Memorial Cards/Remembrances
  • Funeral Home Records
  • Coroner Case Files

    Census Records

    Immigration and Naturalization Records
  • U.S. Immigration Records/Passenger Lists
  • Locating Passenger Arrival Records
  • Alien Registrations
  • Canadian Immigration Records
  • Emigration or Port of Departure Lists
  • Border Crossing Records

    Passports & Passport Applications

    Naturalization Records
  • U.S. Declaration of Intention
  • U.S. Petition for Citizenship
  • U.S. Post-1906 Naturalizations
  • Canadian Citizenship (Naturalization) Records

    Other Documents
  • Land Records
  • Tax Records
  • Probate & Guardianship Records
  • Military & Pension Records
  • Women’s Institutes & Organizations
  • Newspapers

    Module 3

    Researching Social History
    Learn About the Time Period
    Learn Naming Practices and Patterns
    Cultural Considerations (Ethnicity, Rituals and Traditions)
    Putting Your Female Ancestor in Historical Context with Timelines
    Cluster Genealogy

    Module 4

    Telling “Her” Story
    Writing Prompts
    Best Websites for Tracing Female Ancestors

    Further Reading
  • Articles
  • Books

    Module 5

    Case Study Outline

    Case Study: Elizabeth Alzo
  • Case Study: Photos & Documents

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