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Skill-Building: Evidence Analysis and Evaluation Using Case Studies
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Note: Please be aware this course is classified as "Intermediate Level" in the Professional Development Certificate Program. It has been developed for individuals who are at or working in the Intermediate to Advanced Levels in our other certificate programs.

NOTE: This course requires compulsory materials to be ordered. Please click on the Supplies tab for details.

Taking the time to study a wide variety of case studies and proof arguments/summaries can expand your knowledge of methodology, evidence and analysis, sources, citation formats, cultural mores, immigration patterns, amongst many other things. It will make you a better genealogist by expanding your knowledge beyond the subset of genealogy that you normally work in.

As an example, someone working in Canadian research on a daily basis can learn much from a case study on Irish research and vice versa. Amongst other things, they can learn methodology, new sources of evidence, how to analyze evidence, and even gain geographical and cultural knowledge!

Note: A student could spend approximately 6 to 8 hours a week working on this course.

One studentís experience:
To hear a student discussion regarding their experience with this course, please click here. (This is a large file and may take a minute or two to download.)


Module 1
  • Notes on Course Procedure
  • Required Reading
  • Note about Web Addresses

    What Are Proof Statements, Proof Summaries, and Proof Arguments?
  • Required Reading

    Proof Statements with Examples
    Proof Summaries with Examples

    Module 2
    What Are Case Studies and Where Do I Find Them?
  • Websites
  • Required Reading

    Case Studies
  • Reasons for Studying a Variety of Case Studies

    Source Analysis
  • Example

    Modules 3 to 6
    Case Studies...Continued
  • Websites
  • Required Reading

    Further Study
  • Websites
  • Understanding the FAN principle or Cluster Research

    Final Summary



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