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Canadian: Census Records - Part 2
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This course is a continuation of Researching Canadian Census Records-Part 1, Basic Level. Both courses are required for the Certificate Program in Genealogy.

This Intermediate Level course will build on the basic skills developed in Researching Canadian Census Records-Part 1, Basic Level, with emphasis on interpreting the information found in census records, analyzing the information and formulating a research plan to prove or disprove the hypothesis formed in your analysis.

As the Intermediate Level course is a compulsory portion of the Certificate Programme in Genealogy, skills required by professional researchers will be developed. Students should bear in mind that assignments submitted should be clearly written, with appropriate explanations and suggestions presented in a manner that would be acceptable to a client.

Not all students will have the same timely access to actual census records. In order to provide each student with the necessary information for every Case Study, the information will be based on a hypothetical family and census record, and all pertinent information will be supplied to the student with their Course Notes and Assignments. The census information will follow the format of an actual census for the year indicated, and all pertinent information that might be found in an actual census record for that year will be included. The names of family members and their personal information will be hypothetical, as will the documentation of the census page. There will therefore be no need for the student to consult an actual specific census record to complete their assignment. However, whenever possible, it is recommended that the student consult as many samples of actual census records as are available to them in order to familiarize themselves with the actual process of locating and using these records.


Review: Census Records - Part 1

Case Study Part 1
  • 1901 Census Example
  • 1891 Census Example
  • 1881 Census Example
  • 1871 Census Example
  • 1861 Census Example
  • 1851 Census Example

    MODULE 3
    Case Study Part 2

    MODULE 4
    Case Study Part 3

    MODULE 5
    Census Indices, Enumeration Districts, Census Substitutes
  • Census Indices
  • Enumeration Districts
  • Census Substitutes

    MODULE 6
    Intermediate Level Review
  • Hogg Research Plan
  • Research Skills
  • Report Skills
  • Professional Skills


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