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Canadian: Land Records-Part 2
Register (Fees/Dates)
Other Info
When land was "granted" from the Crown to individuals or companies specific records were created to document the change in ownership. Groups such as Military Grants, Township Papers, the Canada Company Papers, the Peter Robinson Papers, Correspondence to the Surveyor General and Commissions as well as various other land companies will be reviewed with the goal of determining where these records are today and how they may be of benefit to a genealogist.

It is vital that you become comfortable with the documentation and writing style so that you will be able to glean the correct information from the material. You will find the examples and assignments to be of interest and useful in this regard.

By following the family of John Newell through several examples and with his Case Study we can follow various transactions as they occurred for one family over a period of time.


Module 1
Archives of Ontario
What’s Available on the Internet
Introduction to Land Records - Part 2
Abstract Index to Deeds
Land Companies & Emigrant Settlement Plans

Ontario Land Record Index
  • More Notes About the OLRI
  • Date Identity Code
  • Transaction Type
  • Type of Free Grant

    Additional Land Record Types
  • Fiats & Warrants
  • Rolls of Land Schedules, Returns, Assignments, etc.
  • Land Petitions
  • Township Papers

    Land Registry Office Records
    Useful Addresses
    Case Study: Newell - Phase 1

    Module 2
    What’s Available on the Internet
    Case Study: Newell - Phase 2

    Module 3
    What’s Available on the Internet
    Case Study: Newell - Phase 3

    Module 4
    Talbot Settlement
    What’s Available on the Internet
    Col. Thomas Talbot Settlement
    Case Study: Newell - Phase 4

    Module 5
    What’s Available on the Internet

    Canada Company
  • Contract Book
  • Canada Company Remittance Books

    Case Study: Newell - Phase 5

    Module 6
    Peter Robinson Settlement
    What’s Available on the Internet
    The Peter Robinson Settlement
    Case Study: Newell-Phase 6


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