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Canadian: Religious Records
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For many regions of the world the records associated with the ancestral place of worship is the backbone of genealogical research.

Registers of baptism, marriage and burial are the most commonly used records. Also you will need to know that at various time, the State passed laws which forbade certain groups from performing various services, for example, from the mid 1700''s to the mid 1800''s in England all marriages, except Quaker and Jew, had to be married in the Anglican Church.

This course will cover where to look for these registers, what type of data you should expect to find, and how to evaluate what you have found.



Why Church Records?

  • What Denomination?
  • Which Church?
  • Finding the Records
  • Examples of Reading "Between the Lines"
  • The Church Archives
  • Records in Private Hands
  • Records Which Have Disappeared
  • Church Records in Public Archives
  • Printed Books of Church Records

    WEEK 2

    Denominations In Canada
  • Examples of Religious Groups
  • Denominational Background
  • Roman Catholic
  • Lutherans
  • Church of England
  • Mennonites & Amish
  • Congregationalist
  • Baptist
  • Presbyterian
  • Reformed
  • Quakers (Society of Friends)
  • Methodist
  • Evangelical
  • United Brethren in Christ
  • Disciples (Church of God)
  • Brethren & Tunkers
  • Moravians
  • Irvingites
  • Plymouth Brethren
  • Adventists
  • Jewish
  • The United Church of Canada Archives

    WEEK 3

    Baptismal Records
  • Who Could Be Baptized?

    What Will The Records Tell Us?
  • Examples of What Records Can Tell Us
  • Presbyterian
  • Anglican
  • Roman Catholic (three examples)
  • Lutheran

    What Difficulties do Baptismal Records Present to Researchers?
  • Example Involving Children
  • Where Can I Find a Missing Baptism?
  • Are Records of ''believer''s baptism'' of Any Use to Genealogists?
  • What About Quaker Birth Records?
  • Should We Bother with Godparents?
  • Example Involving Godparents

    WEEK 4

    Marriages & Burials
  • Marriage Records
  • Far-flung Marriages
  • What Will the Marriage Record Tell Us?
  • Examples of Marriage Records
  • Early Roman Catholic
  • Later Roman Catholic
  • Modern Roman Catholic
  • Presbyterian
  • What Are Banns?

  • What Will Burial Records Tell Us?
  • Examples from Burial Records
  • Early Roman Catholic
  • Later Roman Catholic
  • Cemeteries

    WEEK 5

    Other Records: Beyond the Birth, Marriage and Death Records
  • Minutes of Annual or Business Meetings
  • Financial Records
  • Confirmations
  • Membership Lists
  • Records of Subgroups or Other
  • Parish Census
    Notes & Remarks

    WEEK 6

    Finding Helpful Background
  • Denominational Histories
  • Denominational Yearbooks or Annual Reports
  • Congregational Histories
  • Regional Church Histories
  • Local Histories
  • Published Missionary Memoirs or Letters
  • Bibliographies
  • Histories of Religious Groups, or Group Biographies
  • Finding These Books


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